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Truth about Lower-Back pain

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Things you need to know about Lower Back Pain(Lumbar Spine Pain)

Lower back pain is generally known as Lumbago. It is usually the pain in lower back or anywhere along the spine, from the top neck to down to the hips. It is generally caused due to factors such as injury, back strain, arthritis, muscle strain, slipped disc, sciatica and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The most common cause of lower back pain is muscle strain or ligament strain. Lower back pain is most common problem experienced by most people now a day because of the working positions and stress. Both men and women are equally affected by this lower back pain. Pain can begin suddenly or by an accident or by lifting something heavy or it can be due to age. Low back pain can be acute, sub acute or chronic depending on the duration of pain.

Symptoms of Lower Back pain

Lower back pain symptoms range from sharp and stabbing to a dull ache. Pain in the lower back starts with a sudden movement or by lifting a heavy object. Pain radiating down the legs known as sciatica may be present. Lower back pain affects the spine’s flexibility, stability and strength which causes pain and discomfort. The severity of the pain ranges from mild discomfort to severe, disabling pain, depending on the extent of strain. Symptoms of lower back pain may also include leg numbness, leg weakness and groin numbness. Additional symptoms of a serious condition include fainting, excessive sweating, high fever, abdominal pain, and chest pain.

Consequences of Lower Back Pain on health

Lower back pain not only affects you physically but also affects your feelings and thoughts. It affects your mood, daily duties, your appetite and your sleep. People get depressed, stressed, anxious, and irritable by thinking that they won’t be able to work or go to their daily activities as before.

Differences between Lower Back pain and Back pain?

Back pain is associated with the bones, muscle and ligaments in our back. Generally, back pain might be the result of poor posture or lifting heavy weights, emotional feelings and stress, but often occurs for no apparent reason. People with normal back pain gets better within few weeks.
Lower back pain is commonly caused by acute trauma, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, ligament strain, sciatica and Spondylolisthesis. Risk factors of lower back pain may be age, fitness level, pregnancy, overweight and genetics.
Early and accurate treatment helps to overcome the pain, by medical history and physical test experts identify the conditions that are causing pain and medication will be given based on the condition. Medication used to treat low back pain includes non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery may be useful to those with a herniated disc. Yoga, physical exercises and stretching exercises help to get relief in some cases.


Homeopathy Treatment for Lower Back pain

Homeopathy offers a holistic treatment; it provides relief and also restricts further degeneration. Homeopathy treatment for lower back pain is safe and works very effectively. With a host of potent medicines to treat back problems, homeopathy has the advantage of having no side effects that are generally seen in painkillers, and other medications.
Homeopathy has successfully treated a lot of people with chronic back problems with symptoms like severe pain, spinal irritation, sensitive nerves, and back pains that originate from pelvic problems, uterine and rheumatic disorders.


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Nowadays Back pain is one of the most common problems. Generally, back pain might be the result of poor posture or lifting heavy weights, emotional feelings and stress, but often occurs for no apparent reason.

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