Black Pepper Health Tips

Uses of Black Pepper

Explain about Black pepper?

Black pepper, the king of spices along with its strong aroma also has several nutrients like iron, several vitamins and protein. The nutrients present in black pepper provide several health benefits by controlling cholesterol, anemia, hypertension, digestion problems, body pain and diabetes. Antibiotic properties present in black pepper helps to treat bacterial infections and arthritis.
Black pepper is a common spice used in different cuisines worldwide. Its scientific name is piper nigrum; it is a flowering vine and belongs to piperaceae family. It is cultivated for fruit called peppercorn, when it is dried it turns black as black pepper. It is used as a spice in both whole and powdered form; it is also used for seasoning in various cuisines. It is native to south Indian Kerala state and it is called the king of spices. Along with its strong flavour it gives to the recipes, it is also beneficial for health. There are four varieties of peppercorns are there namely Black pepper, white pepper, green pepper and wild pepper.


Nutrient factors present in Black Pepper :

Black peppers have an interesting and impressive nutritional profile; they contain essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which we need for healthy life. They contain vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, niacin, folate and choline. They contain high percentage of vitamin K which increases calcium absorption in bones and promotes cardiovascular health. With vitamin C and vitamin K black pepper contains anti inflammatory properties.
Black peppers contain important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, selenium and fluoride. Black peppers are rich in iron; it is a great tool to fight with anemia. Black peppers with high manganese content they offer great antioxidant protection. Copper present in black pepper supports immunity and thyroid gland activity. Potassium helps lower Bp.
Black peppers are low in calories and contains good amount of dietary fibre. They contain high amount of anti oxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and fever reducing properties. Black pepper contains essential oils like piperine, an ammonia-derived alkaloid; these oils are also used in aromatherapy to get relief from pains.

Health benefits of Black Pepper :

Black peppers provide various health benefits like
Improves digestion and stimulate appetite– black peppers increase hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach which eases digestion and improves appetite.
Control cancers – black pepper contains piperine, vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids and anti oxidants that removes free radicals and protect our body from cancers.
Helps in weight loss– black peppers contain phytonutrients that encourage breakdown of fat cells and helps to lose weight.
Treats respiratory issues– black peppers breaks down the mucus stuck in the respiratory tract and helps to treat problems like sinus, cough, cold, breathing problems and asthma.
Treats diabetes– it treat type-2 diabetes with its phenolic and antioxidant content
Treats high Bp and hypertension – the piperine, phenolics and antioxidants in black pepper helps lower Bp and treats hypertension.
Control dental problems– black pepper helps fight tooth decay and provides relief from toothache. Helpful in improving dental health.
It also provides health benefits like promotes healthy hair, treats cognitive disorders, relieves gas, increases nutrient absorption, improves skin, treats ulcers, it has antibiotic properties and treats bacterial infections, boost the metabolism and benefits people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis.