Cardiovascular Health Tips

Tips to Overcome Cardiovascular Disease

Disorders regarding heart and vessels like heart attack, stroke and others are called as cardiovascular diseases. These are caused due to several factors like high cholesterol, stress, build up of plaque, hypertension  and others. Most of the cardiovascular diseases are related to a condition called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disorder which arises when plaque builds up in the walls of arteries. This narrows the arteries and reduces the flow to the heart. When a clot is developed in the arteries it stops the flow to the heart and leads to heart attack or stroke and people face symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, pain in left shoulder and jaw.

There are different types of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, arrhythmia and heart valve problems.

  • Heart attack- When flow to the heart gets blocked due to formation of clots in the arteries, the heart muscle gets destroyed and leads to a condition called heart attack.
  • Stroke- When vessels that supplies fluids to the brain gets blocked due to the clot, it destroys the brain cells and leads to ischemic stroke.
  • Heart failure- When heart fails to pump as it does in normal condition it is called heart failure, due to heart failure our body will not get enough oxygen and fluids.
  • Arrhythmia- When heart beats abnormally i.e. too slow or too fast it is called as arrhythmia. This condition severely affects functioning of heart.
  • Heart valve problems- When valves in the heart do not open properly and do not close properly it leads to several circulation problems.

Cardiovascular Diasease

Tips to overcome cardiovascular diseases

By following few health tips one can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Few cardiovascular disease overcome tips include

  • Get healthy diet which is low in fats and calories. Include fresh fruit and vegetables in diet.
  • Exercise regularly, it is one of the best ways to control cardiovascular diseases. Exercising helps to control cholesterol levels and also eliminates the risk of obesity which leads to heart diseases.
  • Quit smoking, as smoking increase the risk of clotting in vessels.
  • Control stress and anxiety as it increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Sudden or high stress, pressure may lead to stiff vessels which causes stroke. Be with your closed ones, have adequate sleep and do your favorite works and so on to control stress.
  • Take your prescriptions regularly and go for regular health checkup’s as they help in early detection of abnormalities and helps in early diagnosis.
  • Control hypertension, as it may silently damage your vessels.

Homeopathy treatment for cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease treatment in homeopathy mainly focuses on treating the underlying causes of the disease like formation of clots, plaque, cholesterol and so on. Cardiovascular treatment through homeopathy is safe, has no side effects, and is non toxic. Homeopathy remedies used for cardiovascular diseases are made of natural substances extracted from plants, vegetables and other minerals. Homeopathy treatment not just focuses on treating a particular disease but aims at overall wellbeing. Homeopathy treatment for cardiovascular diseases is based on the symptoms, individualization theory and also on family history. Homeopathy along with treatment also provides cardiovascular disease control tips which helps in controlling the risk.