Cloves Health Tips

Advantages of Cloves in food

Usage of Cloves in Many Ways :

Cloves are available in two different forms like whole and in grounded form. Cloves have a very intense and strong flavour. Cloves are versatile spice and can be used in drinks, soups, baking and in both sweet and savoury dishes. Cloves also have amazing properties and are used in different remedies. Cloves have a long shelf life, can be kept for a year when stored away from light and moisture. Clove oil is very well known for its antiseptic, anesthetic, aromatic and astringent properties. Cloves are known for their aroma, we can put some cloves in a small cloth and keep in our cupboard removes odors and keeps our stuff fresh. Cloves and oil are also used in beauty products, air fresheners, in perfumes and can be used as ant repellent.
In Indonesia cloves are used in the form of clove cigarette called kretek.


Health Benefits of Cloves :

Cloves with properties provides many health benefits like
Improves digestion– Cloves help to improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Cloves also treat acidity, relaxes gastro intestinal tract and stimulates production of saliva.
Controls diabetes– Clove extracts helps to control diabetes as they tend to imitate insulin in certain ways and maintains sugar levels.
Treats tooth pain– Cloves plays an important role in treating tooth pain, provides relief to toothache caused due to root canal areas. Cloves are very useful in treating bad breath and odor.
Boost immunity– Cloves are full of minerals, vitamins and fibre. Cloves contain eugenol which helps to improve immunity.
Anti inflammatory properties– Cloves and clove oil contains anti inflammatory and pain killing properties. Clove oil is massaged to sore muscles.
Relieves stress– Consuming cloves mixed with basil, mint, cardamom and warm water relieves stress.
Treats nausea and vomiting– Cloves have aromatic and soothing properties which relieves from nausea and morning sickness.
Treat cold- Consuming cloves or clove oil with lukewarm water treats cold.
Good for bones– Cloves are great source of vitamins and minerals which helps our body to absorb calcium from food and keeps our bones healthy.

History of Cloves

Cloves are small nailed shaped aromatic flower buds of a tree that are dried, belong to the myrtaceae family. Cloves scientific name is Syzygium aromaticum. Cloves are an ancient spice native to the Maluku islands in Indonesia. The history of cloves goes back many centuries and this was the first spice traded. Archaeologists found cloves in a ceramic vessel in Syria in the year 1721 BC. Now a day’s cloves are cultivated in several different countries. Cloves have a powerful flavour among all other spices. They are pungent, strong and sweet in taste with a bitter and astringent flavour. Cloves are available throughout the year. Cloves are one of the important spices used in many cuisines like Asian, African and Middle East countries.