6 mistakes that will Sabotage your work out

Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Fitness Effects

As we all know regular work out and exercises improve your health and make you strong physically, mentally, and also emotionally. Going for regular exercises reduces your risk of several health problems including heart attack, obesity, hypertension, stress, depression, and others, and also keeps you fit and energetic. But do you know few common workout mistakes that you do unknowingly that can disrupt your exercises, their outcomes and can also lead to injuries? Here in this article let us discuss points like a list of workout mistakes to avoid and also about the right procedure of workouts along with the most suitable workout diet plan.

6 mistakes that will Sabotage your work out

6 Common mistake we do during workouts

Here are few most common gym mistakes we must avoid

  • Eating too much before workouts- Exercising after eating is not recommended, one should plan their workouts 2 to 3 hours after having meals. If you eat too much before workouts, it can result in stomach discomforts and also raise the risk of cramps and nausea. You can opt for light meals like banana, egg whites, soya milk, a smoothie, nuts, raisins, and oatmeal.
  • Skipping warm-up exercises- People in a hurry to save time tend to skip warm-up exercises and this increases your risk of muscle cramps and other injuries. Warm-up before your exercises helps to loosen your body muscles, rising body’s temperature, and also improving circulation.
  • Copying others without proper knowledge- Many people at the gym perform few exercises by copying others without having any knowledge of it. This can eventually lead to injuries.
  • Not drinking enough water- water is very crucial before, during, and after working out. Water helps in eliminating unwanted from our body and hence always keep your body hydrated.
  • Not doing exercises in a perfect posture- Many people perform several exercises on types of equipment like treadmill, lifting’s and so on in a wrong posture which might increase their risk of severe injuries.
  • Overdoing them without resting- Always remember too much of anything is not healthy. Overdoing sets and pushing yourself without resting can lead to injuries and muscle cramps. Many people while doing lifting’s hold their breath and this can limit the oxygen coming into your body and it is not at all recommended, so focus on your breathing also.

The right way to work out

Here are few basics we must follow while exercising

  • Wear proper-fitting shoes and clothes.
  • Always start your workouts under the supervision of professionals to avoid mistakes and injuries. Start slowly and gradually increase your time length.
  • Start your workouts with warm-up exercises and stretching’s to lose your body, muscles and also to raise your body’s temperature.
  • Be hydrated, as you tend to lose more water while your work out in the form of sweat
  • Take breaks in between your workouts and relax your muscles

Work out the diet plan

Your diet plays a crucial role in supporting your workouts and planning the most suitable one is important

  • As always, drink plenty of water
  • Do not overeat before work out and you can have very light snacks
  • Include nice amounts of protein and carbs in your menu after workouts to build and repair your muscles.
  • Limit your intake of sugars and alcohol, as they add more calories, you can have smoothies
Exercises Health Tips

Health Problems with Too Much Exercise

As we all know from childhood, exercise is a key to healthy life, but do you know too much exercise can harm your health. According to latest studies people who spend more time at gym and other trainings are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The symptoms of over exercising may differ for each individual. Along with heart problems, few health problems and symptoms people who over train face include

  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of libido
  • Abnormal heart beat
  • High risk of bone problems
  • Risk of injuries
  • Swelling of lymph gland
  • Dehydration
  • Poor sleep

Health Problems with Too Much Exercise

People may have one or more above symptoms. If you experience the above, it is important to stop your exercises. Men who over exercise are at an increased risk of developing plaque in their arteries. This building up of plaque in arteries can be a symptom of heart diseases in future. Along with controlling high cholesterol, hypertension and excess body weight, it is also important to maintain healthy weight, cholesterol and BP. Doing short term exercises id better than excess training and over exercising.

Safety Exercise Tips

By following few safety measures while exercising one can easily eliminate several health complications. Few safety exercise tips include

  • Always warm up before exercising
  • Start your exercises with low intensity work outs
  • Always discuss with professionals before exercising if you have any health issues
  • Wear appropriate dress and shoes while doing exercises or trainings like running and other sports.
  • Take rest if you’re overdoing and let your body heal
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Always remember over exercising and high intense training can lead to injuries and fractures.
  • Exercising outdoors and high exposure to sun can lead to skin problems like cancers
  • Stop exercising if you face symptoms like abnormal heart beat, breathlessness, pain and discomfort.
  • Have healthy diet
  • For strength exercises always start light weight and increase gradually. Sudden lifting of heavy weights and in wrong position may lead to complications. In order to avoid this always take experts opinion and do the exercises under their observation.
  • By following above safety tips one can stay healthy and avoid unwanted and severe complications.

Health Problems with Too Much Exercises

Homeopathy Treatment for Exercise Problems

Homeopathy treatment for exercise problems works very well by controlling symptoms and also by treating the problems. Homeopathy for exercise problems uses natural remedies that are extracted from plants, vegetables and minerals. Homeopathy remedies for exercise problems are safe, non toxic and are also side effects free. Homeopathy improves immunity and self healing of the body and treats many health conditions along with health problems with too much exercise. A professional homeopath along with treatment for exercise problems also provides few health tips for exercise problems which will help you in quick recovery. Homeopathy treatment is prescribed based on the symptoms, individualization theory and so on.

Exercises Health Tips

Benefits of Exercises

Explain about exercises?

Exercise is a physical activity that is planned, structured to improve physical fitness, overall health and wellness. Exercise helps to lose weight and decrease the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity. Exercise is useful in control depression levels, heart diseases and osteoporosis. Exercise can manage energy levels and improves mood. Exercise is done for various reasons like strengthening muscles, cardiovascular system, diabetes and obesity. By exercising daily we can lead an active life which makes our heart healthier and stronger.

Here are some simple and easy exercises which we can do to keep our body fit and healthy are

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Crunches
  • Yoga
  • Chinese martial arts
  • lunges

Different types of exercise for maintaining good health :

There are four types of exercises. Each type of exercise is important in its own way, and doing all four types is the way to maximize your fitness. Four types of exercise are

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength exercise
  • Balance exercise
  • Flexibility exercise.

Aerobic exercises like brisk walking. Jogging, dancing and swimming increase your breathing and heart rate. They keep heart, lungs and circulatory system healthy and control disease like, type 2 diabetes, high Bp and may even lower the risk of cancer. This exercise helps to carry out your everyday activities easily.
Strength exercises like weight lifting and using your own body weight makes muscle strong. These exercises are called strength training or resistance training.
Balance exercises like standing in one foot, heel to toe walk and Chinese martial arts help control the problem in elder people. It improves your ability to control and stabilize your body’s position. These exercises are helpful for everyone including people who gained weight and pregnant women.
Flexibility exercises like shoulder stretch; upper arm stretch, calf stretch and yoga stretch your muscles and improve your range of motion at your joints. They improve flexibility and reduce risk of injury during other activities.
Practicing any one type of exercise is not useful for overall health. One should include all four types of exercises in their workouts, or can combine exercises together like doing strength and balance exercises together.

Benefits of exercises :

Regular exercise is important for happy and healthy lifestyle. Everyone from children to elder people gets benefited from exercise. Exercise boosts mood and wellbeing. Some important benefits of exercise are

  • Controls weight
  • Reduce risk of heart diseases, cancers and diabetes
  • Avoids constipation and heals digestion problems
  • Controls stress levels, depression and improve mood and overall wellbeing
  • Improves physical strength and fitness
  • Boost happiness levels
  • Helps children maintain healthy weight and height
  • Keeps muscles, bones and joints strong
  • Keep our brain healthy and improve memory
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Increase self confidence and improves performance at work
  • Gives fresh and glowing skin.