Health Tips Pimples

Homeopathy Tips for Pimples Problems

Pimples or acne are the red or pus filled bumps developed on face. Pimples are the most common skin disorder faced by many individuals. Though pimples develop on different parts of the body like neck, back, shoulders and chest, they are more common on face. Pimples can appear in people of all age groups but especially they are mostly seen in teenagers. Even though pimples are not serious, but in teenagers it may lead to anxiety, stress and depression. These pimples develop due to excess oil secretion in the skin. This excess oil combined with dead skin clogs the pores which further allow bacteria to breed and causes red bumps. In few people these pus filled pimples also leaves scars which can be disturbing for most teenagers.

Pimples Problems

These pimples or acne also appear in the form of whiteheads, black heads and also as papules or pustules. Depending on the causes of acne, it is classified into different types like

  • Acne vulgaris
  • Acne rosacea
  • Acne keloidalis nuchae
  • Acne conglobata
  • Acne cosmetic
  • Acne medicamentosa
  • Baby acne
  • Chloracne
  • Acne fulminans

Causes of Pimples

Though the exact cause of pimples is not known, several factors are said to cause pimples like

  • Increase in the hormone levels called androgens
  • Hormonal imbalances which leads to menstrual problems and puberty
  • Hormonal changes in conceived women
  • Genetics and hereditary also plays a crucial role
  • Usage of any birth control pills and also stopping it.
  • Chemical cosmetics
  • Few prescriptions
  • Unhealthy diet

Few factors like stress, harshly rubbing the skin, usage of harsh soaps and face wash, squeezing pimples, wearing helmets and other garments triggers pimples and lead to scars.

Tips to control Pimples

Though pimples cannot be avoided wholly, but they can be managed with few health tips. Here are few health tips which help to overcome pimples problems

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy diet i.e. including fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Getting enough sleep and controlling stress
  • Avoid oily and junk foods
  • Do not squeeze pimples
  • Clean your face gently and avoid using harsh chemical products
  • Use mild make up or foundation to avoid the pores getting blocked.
  • Use sulphur containing creams at night
  • Wash your face twice a day and after exposure to pollution

Homeopathy Treatment for Pimple problems

Homeopathy treatment for pimples and acne works efficiently by controlling oil secretion, growth of bacteria and also by treating hormonal imbalance. Homeopathy remedies for pimples problems are safe, free from side effects and also are non toxic. Homeopathy uses natural remedies made using plants, vegetables and also other natural minerals. Homeopathy provides treatment based on symptoms and theory of individualization. Homeopathy mainly aims to treat pimples problem by focusing on the underlying root cause of the problem. Homeopathy provides health tips for pimples and acne. These homeopathy tips for pimples problems are safe and help in quick recovery and also help to control pimples in future as well.