6 mistakes that will Sabotage your work out

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Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Fitness Effects

As we all know regular work out and exercises improve your health and make you strong physically, mentally, and also emotionally. Going for regular exercises reduces your risk of several health problems including heart attack, obesity, hypertension, stress, depression, and others, and also keeps you fit and energetic. But do you know few common workout mistakes that you do unknowingly that can disrupt your exercises, their outcomes and can also lead to injuries? Here in this article let us discuss points like a list of workout mistakes to avoid and also about the right procedure of workouts along with the most suitable workout diet plan.

6 mistakes that will Sabotage your work out

6 Common mistake we do during workouts

Here are few most common gym mistakes we must avoid

  • Eating too much before workouts- Exercising after eating is not recommended, one should plan their workouts 2 to 3 hours after having meals. If you eat too much before workouts, it can result in stomach discomforts and also raise the risk of cramps and nausea. You can opt for light meals like banana, egg whites, soya milk, a smoothie, nuts, raisins, and oatmeal.
  • Skipping warm-up exercises- People in a hurry to save time tend to skip warm-up exercises and this increases your risk of muscle cramps and other injuries. Warm-up before your exercises helps to loosen your body muscles, rising body’s temperature, and also improving circulation.
  • Copying others without proper knowledge- Many people at the gym perform few exercises by copying others without having any knowledge of it. This can eventually lead to injuries.
  • Not drinking enough water- water is very crucial before, during, and after working out. Water helps in eliminating unwanted from our body and hence always keep your body hydrated.
  • Not doing exercises in a perfect posture- Many people perform several exercises on types of equipment like treadmill, lifting’s and so on in a wrong posture which might increase their risk of severe injuries.
  • Overdoing them without resting- Always remember too much of anything is not healthy. Overdoing sets and pushing yourself without resting can lead to injuries and muscle cramps. Many people while doing lifting’s hold their breath and this can limit the oxygen coming into your body and it is not at all recommended, so focus on your breathing also.

The right way to work out

Here are few basics we must follow while exercising

  • Wear proper-fitting shoes and clothes.
  • Always start your workouts under the supervision of professionals to avoid mistakes and injuries. Start slowly and gradually increase your time length.
  • Start your workouts with warm-up exercises and stretching’s to lose your body, muscles and also to raise your body’s temperature.
  • Be hydrated, as you tend to lose more water while your work out in the form of sweat
  • Take breaks in between your workouts and relax your muscles

Work out the diet plan

Your diet plays a crucial role in supporting your workouts and planning the most suitable one is important

  • As always, drink plenty of water
  • Do not overeat before work out and you can have very light snacks
  • Include nice amounts of protein and carbs in your menu after workouts to build and repair your muscles.
  • Limit your intake of sugars and alcohol, as they add more calories, you can have smoothies


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