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Myths and Facts related with Hair Loss

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Hair is the most attractive and noticeable feature of personality for both men and women. Hair improves self confidence, personality, attractiveness and performance. Hair loss refers to loss of hair from our body i.e. head. Hair loss is the leading problem faced by both man and women due to stress, work timings, pollution, lifestyle, environment and many other factors. It can also be caused due to hormonal changes, hereditary, treatments and diseases. There are many types of hair loss conditions, some can be temporary and others can last longer. Diseases like thyroid, alopecia, cancer treatments, chemotherapy also directly affects hair loss. Hair loss cannot be stopped or controlled completely in some cases but it can be managed to certain extent. In some cases it can be treated completely. Healthy diet plays a crucial role in healthy hair and prevents hair fall. Vitamins like biotin, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and minerals like zinc and iron are very essential for healthy and longer hair. Foods like almond, avocado, salmon, eggs, dairy products are very good for hair and improve hair growth and prevent some type of hair loss. Nutrition plays a crucial role in developing healthy ha and hair.

Myths and Facts about Hair Loss :

Myth– hair loss is inherited from father or mother
Fact– one can’t estimate hair loss by looking at family history, if hair loss runs in your family, you are more likely to face the problem. If baldness runs in family, next generations are more at risk of developing baldness. Several researchers think that hair loss is caused due to several genes inherited from both the parents.

Myth– more men suffers hair loss than women
Fact– hair loss is common in both men and women. In men hair loss is more visible than in women and baldness is mostly seen in men. Women are conscious and hide hair loss when compared to men. Men have shorter hair and it is easily visible.

Myth– diet have no influence on hair loss
Fact– malnutrition, poor diet, lacking vitamins and minerals has direct impact on hair loss in few people. Poor diet in long run causes hair loss. Poor diet and Unhealthy Lifestyle causes temporary hair loss.

Myth– women only lose their when conceived or during menopause
Fact– many women experience hair lose at the time of giving birth and menopause, but women actually start experiencing the symptoms in the early age of 20’s. In women generally hair thinning starts on top of the head and spread to the entire scalp.

Myth– hair care products and conditioner causes hair loss
Fact– there is no direct connection between hair care products and hair loss, but harsh chemicals found in some hair care products may lead to hair loss. Excessive use of harsh hair treatment and conditioners can cause hair loss and heat treatments used for hair straightening can cause damage to the hair and lead to hair loss. Harsh chemicals used in gel, wax, spray may lead to baldness in some men.


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