French Fries Health Tips

3 Effects of French Fries on Your Health

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French fries one of the favourite foods of children. Are your kids and family eating them regularly are they safe? Are they healthy? A big NO. Eating French fries regularly can adversely affect your loved ones health, it increases fat and cholesterol levels. They also increase the risk of several chronic disorders like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and also cardiovascular diseases.

French fries are long thin pieces of potatoes that are deep fried. French fries are also called les frites, chips, finger chips and fries. Deep frying pieces of potatoes make them high in fat and calories. French fries are popular food for all age groups from children to elder people. French fries are eaten as snack or part of lunch and dinner by millions of people throughout the world as they are easily and readily available foods. French fries are served hot, soft and crispy with ketchup and mayonnaise.
History of French fries traced back to Belgium in late 1600’s. As its name French fries are not native to French. Poor villagers living in Meuse valley of Belgium fry up small fish they caught in the river for their meals. In winter season fishing becomes impossible as the river would freeze over, the villagers had to find some other sources of food as it was difficult to get fish. The villagers turned to the potato i.e. root plant, they sliced and fried them the way how they prepared fish. American soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to French fries during World War 1. Soldiers nicknamed fried potatoes as French fries.

Why French Fries are Not Safe ?

French fries are not safe for health as they contain bad fatty acids, carbohydrates, Tran’s fat, high in calories and high in sodium chloride. all these make French fries the most unhealthy food.

Effects of French Fries on Health :

Eating French fries causes some serious health problems, here is the list of health issues caused by including French fries in diet
Weight gain– French fries are high in calories and carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are converted into glycogen, if we don’t make some exercise or go for a walk these are turned into fats and stored in the body. Children who eat French fries are at high risk of obesity as the French fries contain high calories and fats. Children need good and enough food for their growth and development but intake of more calories than they burn leads to weight gain and obesity. French fries act as promoting food of obesity.
Heart diseases– Though French fries and fried foods are delicious, but they contain bad saturated fats, carbohydrates and salt. These increases the risk of obesity, weight gain, belly fat and high sugar. These are directly linked to cardiovascular diseases. French fries increase the risk of heart diseases and stroke.
Causes cancer– French fries cooked at high temperatures causes chemical reaction in the food and forms acrylamide. Acrylamide is the main cause of cancer. French fries contain high amount of acrylamide which increase the risk of cancers.
Causes diabetes– French fries are high in bad fatty acids, calories, are high glycemic index food and these are made of starchy vegetable which increases sugar levels. Fried foods leads to weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes.
Experts advise pregnant women and nursing women to avoid French fries as they have adverse effects on fetuses and newborns.


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