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5 Easy Exercises to Improve your Eye Muscles

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Eye Muscles exercises to Enhance Vision Fast

The eyes are one of the most treasured organs of our body. They play important role in every activity we do. But now a day’s vision and eye problems have become very common. Several factors like excess usage of smartphones, staring at computer screens, television, tabs, and other electronic devices for longer periods all lead to eye fatigue and strain. People of all age groups including children are facing eyesight problems. Besides all these above factors you can improve your eyesight, relax from eye strain and relax your eye muscles by following few eye exercises.

Eye exercises

What is eye fatigue?

When your eyes feel itchy, tired along with having a burning sensation, then this condition is referred to as eye fatigue. Any factors which lead to eye strain can cause eye fatigue like reading, nighttime driving, staring at a computer screen or your smartphone for a long time, and so on. People when looking at computers or smartphones blink their eyes less often when compared to other times. This less blinking leads to problems like dryness, itching, and burning in the eyes. Sleep also plays a crucial role in refreshing your eyes and lack of sleep can also increase strain on your eyes and lead to eye fatigue. People with eye fatigue face symptoms like dry eyes, blurred or double vision, irritation in eyes, trouble concentrating along sensitivity to light.

How eye fatigue effect Eye Muscles

Eye fatigue is not a serious issue and does not lead to any damage to the eyes, but in severe cases, your eye fatigue can tighten your eye muscles and lead to pain and discomfort in your eyes. You can control this eye fatigue and strain by practicing few eye exercises. Practice these eye exercises to improve your vision quickly.

Exercises to relax and maintain eye muscles health

Here are 5 simple exercises which assist you in easing your eye strain along with improving your eye muscle.

  1. Blink– As discussed earlier blinking is very important. Many people forget to blink while working on a computer. Hence this exercise nourishes your eyes, strengthens eye muscles, and also eliminates dry eyes problem. All you need to do is take short breaks from your work, relax your muscle and start blinking for 20 seconds continuously.
  2. Palming– Even though it looks simple, works very effectively in controlling strain and also in relaxing. To perform this exercise, relax your muscles, cover both your eyes with your palms. Breath usually and start blinking your eyes inside the palms also for few seconds.
  3. Trace number 8– This is a simple exercise that helps in improving eye muscles. For this exercise, imagine number 8 at a distance of 10 feet away from your body. Now trace that number 8 with both your eyes one at a time and repeat it several times.
  4. Eye roll exercise– This exercise not just improves your muscle health but also improves the shape of your eyes. To perform this exercise, relax first and sit straight. Now rotate your eyes clockwise for few rounds and then rotate them anti-clockwise.
  5. Near and far focusing– This is an excellent exercise to improve your vision and also to treat focusing issues. To perform this exercise individuals must sit in a relaxed position and stretch their arms out and keep their thumb up. One should focus on tip of the thumb for 3 minutes, now switch your vision to alternate things like a window or an object. This improves your vision by strengthening your eyes.


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