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5 Simple Ways to Gain Healthy Weight

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Underweight main causes

Maintaining healthy weight is very important. Being obese or underweight can lead to health issue. Underweight people are at increased risk of allergies, weak bones, anemia, hair loss, irregular menstrual problems, low immunity system, growth and developmental issues, weakness and several other problems.


Gain Weight

People who weight less than the average weight they should be according to their age, weight and height. Your BMI (body mass index) range also helps you to determine whether you are underweight or not. People with BMI less than 18.5 are said to be underweight. Underweight can be caused due to several factors like health problem, eating habits and excess physical activities. Health issues like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, eating problems, low appetite and others can lead to under weight problems. Low weight people face difficulties in regulating body temperature. In few people genetics can also lead to underweight. When people lose weight suddenly, it can be due to some serious health issues. People should consult a physician if they notice consistent weight loss without any change in lifestyle and diet.

Healthy ways to gain weight

How to gain weight? This is the main concern seen in many people who are underweight.

People who are underweight can improve their weight by following weight gain diet plan. Here are few healthy weight gain tips

  • Healthy diet– Eat diet rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins and fibre, these helps you to gain weight. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, whole grains and seeds in your diet, these helps o improve your weight naturally.
  • Small quantities frequently– Eating in larger quantities doesn’t help you in any way. Eat nutrient rich foods in small quantity. This helps to improve your digestive health and also in rising your appetite.
  • Drinks up a lot– Have smoothies, shakes and others, as these helps to improve your weight. You can even add nuts as toppings to get good results. Be hydrated to improve your digestion and health. Avoid drinking diet cokes or skimmed milk, instead you can choose shakes and whole milk.
  • Exercises– Do not go for intense exercises, as you may end up burning more calories. Practice moderate exercises like weight lifting and others which helps to build muscle and improve your heart health.
  • Healthy snacks– Have healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruits, butter toast, yogurt, fruits, etc. These helps to gain weight naturally by keeping you fit and healthy.
  • Eat before going to bed– You can have your dinner at 8.00 PM as your regular. Before going to bed, you can even enjoy some healthy snacks. The calories which you get before going to bed are not burnt and used as energy instead they are stored in your body.

Unhealthy ways to gain weight

Most of the people in order to gain weight eat more fast foods, junk foods and also eat fat rich foods that can be harmful to their health and can damage heart, kidneys and others. Gaining weight in right way by eating healthy diet is very crucial to avoid severe chronic health issues.


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