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6 Surprising Benefits of Sandalwood oil for skin and Health

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All you need to know the benefits of Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood also called Chandan, is a famous scented ingredient used since ancient times. In India, the sandalwood tree is considered to be sacred and its products like oil, powder, and bark are used in several cultural and spiritual ceremonies. Sandalwood is packed with surprising health benefits, it is also very beneficial for skin and the sandalwood oil is mainly used in aromatherapy to control stress and hypertension. Besides its extraordinary fragrance, sandalwood essential oil and sandalwood powder are also considered to be the warehouse of fantastic healing qualities, as they are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfection, and astringent in nature. In this article, let us discuss in detail the benefits of sandalwood oil.

6 Surprising Benefits of Sandalwood oil for skin and Health

Surprising Benefits of Sandalwood oil for skin and Health

The sandalwood essential oil is extracted from matured sandalwood trees (approximately between 40 to 80 years, but mostly 80 years are highly preferred). The older the sandalwood tree is, the stronger the aroma of its oil. This oil is loaded with several health benefits.

Here are few proven health benefits of sandalwood essential oil

  1. Controls hypertension- Sandalwood oil works greatly in controlling hypertension. People suffering from high BP are recommended to add few drops of this oil to warm milk and drink it regularly. The hypotensive components present in sandalwood helps to control and regulate BP.
  2. Improves skin health- Sandalwood powder and sandalwood oil for skin are used for centuries. The antioxidant properties of sandalwood oil protect our skin from free radicals and prevent skin aging. This oil soothes our skin and gives clean, bright, and flawless skin, and also reduces skin infection and itching. Antiseptic properties present in the oil helps to heal wounds, pimples, and spots and also reduce the risk of infections. Sandalwood extracts like oil and powder are widely used in beauty products, incense, and perfumes. These sandalwood extracts not only help to control body odor but also keep you fresh all day.
  3. Controls stress and anxiety- The smell and aroma of sandalwood oil soothes our nervous system and provides a relaxed feeling and mental calming. The long-lasting woody and sweet smell of these essential oil balance emotions and provides peace by eliminating tensions, anxiety, and fear.
  4. Acts as memory booster- The fragrance of sandalwood oil boosts brain health, memory, and concentration by stimulating nerves and brain cells.
  5. Prevents viral infections- The anti-viral properties present in sandalwood oil benefit in preventing viral infections like Herpes (Herpes simplex). This oil is vastly used to treat urinary tract infections, sore throat, cough, and flu.
  6. Induces natural sleep- Sandalwood oil is known to be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia. This essential oil helps to induce natural sleep by relaxing the mind and stiff muscles. You can smell the aroma of the oil or apply its few drops at the back of the neck or even can add few drops of this oil in warm bathing water.


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