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7 Most Common Reasons behind Fatigue

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Are you feeling tired or sleepy always and facing trouble concentrating and performing everyday activities? Then it may be due to Fatigue. There are many reasons behind fatigue. It is very common to feel tired at times, maybe due to stress, cold, flu or infections, anaemia and so on. In the above conditions, one can easily get relief from it with some rest or after recovering from their cold or flu conditions.

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But if one fails to recover from this feeling of tiredness or weakness even after getting good sleep and rest, then he/she might be experiencing Fatigue.

About Fatigue

Fatigue is a condition where individuals face constant tiredness and weakness. Fatigue or weakness can be physical, mental or combination of both, i.e. individuals may feel tired physically or mentally. In general, Fatigue is more referred to as a symptom of some underlying health conditions like Thyroid disorders, Diabetes, sleep apnea and others rather than a health disorder. Dizziness, feeling sleepy, tired, muscle weakness, irritability, lack of concentration and so on are a few common symptoms of Fatigue.

Common Reasons/Causes of Fatigue

Below are a few causes (health conditions) which can trigger the risk of Fatigue

  • Nutritional deficiency – lack of nutrients is one of the major causes of Fatigue. Our body needs enough fuel to stay energised, when we eat a nutritionally balanced diet, our sugar levels rise and keep us charged. Lack of nutrients can make us feel fatigued. Many people tend to skip their breakfast most of the times due to lack of time, they just grab a cup of coffee or tea and leave for work, but this is not at all recommended. Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, it balances sugar levels and keeps us energized to kick start our day.
  • Thyroid disorders – An under active Thyroid or Hypothyroidism can also trigger the risk of Fatigue. Hypothyroidism means too little production of thyroid hormone (Thyroxine). This leads to symptoms like aching muscles, weight gain and Fatigue.
  • Diabetes -Fatigue is one of the major symptoms of Diabetes. Under Diabetes, if sugar levels are high, they stay in our body fluids instead of being used as energy, this leads to Fatigue. If in case sugar levels are less, then you will not have enough energy and this further leads to Fatigue.
  • Too much physical activities – Our body burn more calories when we exercise. With little calories, when we exercise too much, it leads to Fatigue. One needs to take a healthy diet and exercise moderately to stay fit and healthy.
  • Lack of enough sleep – Lack of enough sleep has a negative impact on our overall health. Our body energizes itself when we sleep and makes it fit to carry out our daily routines. Sleeping disorders like sleep apnea and others can disturb your sleep and lead to tiredness and Fatigue.
  • Depression – Chronic fatigue is one of the major symptoms of Depression and stress. People who are depressed tend to eat very less and sleep a little, this basic reason makes their body more tired and fatigued.
  • Anemia – Anemia is a health condition which makes our body down. Under Anemia, our body doesn’t have or don’t produce enough RBC’s. Iron plays a crucial role in our body, without this major component, our body does not get enough oxygen in body fluids. Iron Deficiency Anemia is also one of the common causes of Fatigue, especially in women.


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