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Child Health Care in Winter Season

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Change in weather brings some severe affects on your child’s health and also change in weather raise up the risk of several infections. Especially in winter children are more prone to several health illnesses and also have low immunity system. Parents need to take special care of their young ones to keep them warm, safe and healthy in this winter. Winter along with cold breeze and dry weather also brings illnesses like cold, flu and several bacterial and viral infections. Sudden drop in temperatures increases the risk of cold related problems. Winter not only affects health but also affects your child’s skin, hair and scalp. Cold, cough, nasal congestion, asthma, strep throat, pneumonia and infections are few common health problems mostly seen in children during winter. Winter also affects the behaviour of your kids, due to illnesses and sudden changes in weather children get irritated. Homeopathy works very well in protecting your child from these seasonal illnesses. Homeopathy is a natural and holistic way of treatment, it improves child’s immunity and eliminates several health problems.

Child Health Care Tips

Child Health Care Tips

Child health care in winter season is very crucial, it helps to eliminate common seasonal illnesses. By following few child health care tips you can ensure your wards safety and keep them healthy. Here are few child health tips in winter which keep them healthy and minimize your visits to the doctor

Dress up your child in layers– Put several layers of clothes on your kid. The weather in winter is very cold during the early mornings and nights and whereas it is warm in the afternoon. Hence children may not be able to remove and put on the clothes depending on the weather. So it is recommended to dress them up in layers to keep them warm.

Healthy diet– Give your ward healthy diet rich in fibres, proteins and nutrients. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet, they improve immunity and keeps your ward healthy.

Keep them hydrated– Due to the cold weather in winter children may not drink enough water and fluids. Make sure they drink plenty of water in this season, it helps to keep them hydrated, which is not only beneficial for health but also for their skin and hair.

Give them oil massage and change their regular soap– Winter makes your child’s skin dry and flaky, to avoid this massage your wards skin with vitamin E rich oils. Change your wards soaps as they may make your child’s skin more dry, hence use a mild one.

Minimise bathing time– Though your child loves to take hot shower, but in winter long hour showers increase their risk of cold and also staying for long time in hot water is not fit for your child’s skin, it makes their skin dry. Make sure you apply moisturizer to your wards skin to keep them soft and moist.

Homeopathy treatment is mild and very effective, it not only protects your ward from seasonal illnesses but also improves overall wellbeing. A professional homeopath provides few child care health tips along with treatment. These child health care homeopathy tips include dietary changes, exercises and other lifestyle changes which help to improve immunity and eliminate seasonal problems.


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