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Dengue Effects in Monsoon and Prevention Tips

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Dengue and its effects in monsoon

Dengue is a severe mosquito borne disease. It is one among the acute life- threatening viral infections carried by mosquitoes named Aedes Aegypti. These mosquitoes carry the virus by biting an infected person. When these mosquitoes bite an infected person the virus enters the mosquito and when this infected mosquito bites a healthy person the virus enters the healthy person and leads to dengue. The virus develops and causes dengue haemorrhagic fever which in turn leads to haemorrhage. The infected person faces drop in platelet count which can be life- threatening. People with dengue face severe symptoms like high fever, skin rash, headache, severe body pains, severe muscle and joint pains. Few other symptoms of dengue include chills, vomiting and diarrhea. According to WHO (world health organization) dengue causes 50-100 million infections every year. Dengue fever mainly spreads in monsoon. Though the disease occurs in other seasons also, but it is peak in monsoon. Monsoon is the breading season for many diseases. Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes reproduce in monsoon season and spread vigorously. Conditions like stagnant water, open drains and so on ideal for these mosquitoes to grow.

Prevention tips to Overcome Dengue Disorder

In order to prevent these deadly diseases we should follow few dengue preventive tips and measures like

  • Use mosquito repellent creams
  • Use mosquito nets
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Prevent stagnant water to avoid mosquito breeding
  • Stay away from infected people
  • Follow healthy diet plan
  • Wear long sleeve dresses and cover yourselves
  • Avoid crowded areas and unhygienic places
  • Cover water storing containers

Dengue Effects in Monsoon and Prevention Tips

Keep the doors and windows closed

Children are at an increased risk of developing seasonal diseases like dengue, malaria, swine flu and so on. Due to low immune system they can become severely ill and in few cases it can also be life-threatening. It is very important to avoid these viral diseases. Aged people are also at an increased risk of developing these viral infections along with kids. Prevention is always better than cure, in order to avoid further health complications it is very important to avoid these infections by following dengue control tips.

How to overcome Dengue in Monsoon season

Regrettably there is no drug available presently in order to avoid dengue. Taking precautionary steps is very essential to eliminate these deadly viral infections. It is very important to get diagnosed and treated if an individual is infected with dengue in order to avoid further severe complications. Though in few cases dengue fever resolves itself but one may need to be hospitalized to avoid health issues. Depending on the severity of the disease it is important to take doctors advice and be under observation.

Homeopathy treatment for dengue

Homeopathy treats dengue naturally and effectively. Homeopathic remedies for dengue are made of natural remedies extracted from natural substances. Homeopaths along with treatment also offer several health tips for dengue effects. These homeopathy health tips for dengue have no side effects; they are safe and can be used by all age groups.


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