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Eating Habits that Lead to Excessive Hair fall

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Hair fall is loss of hair that affects scalp and body. Hair fall can be temporary or in some victims it can be lifelong. In normal conditions every individual tends to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, when an individual loses more hair strands than the normal count it is termed as hair fall. As hair represents individual’s personality and charisma, every individual including both men and women are more anxious about hair fall. Though it is a common problem faced by many people, it has a predominant affects on many individuals. Excessive hair fall from the scalp is called alopecia. There are various factors which can lead to hair fall in many individuals like unhealthy food habits, lifestyle, genetics, hormonal changes, lack of nutrition’s, stress, pollution and abnormal working hours. Excessive hair fall can lead to baldness and can also cause several physical and mental issues like stress, depression and anxiety. Skin infections, dandruff and change in weather can also lead to hair loss. Some hair loss caused due to malnutrition, stress and unhealthy diet can be irrevocable but in some cases where hair fall is due to hereditary and other conditions cannot be irrevocable, they last forever.

Eating Habits Causes lead to excessive Hair Fall “

Unhealthy diet or eating habits tend to excessive hair loss in many people. Hair is made up of protein called keratin. As hair is made of protein, unhealthy diet or malnutrition leads to iron deficiency and causes hair loss. Eating healthy is very influential in controlling hair loss. How eating healthy is important in the same way avoiding unhealthy diet is also very important. Here is the list of unhealthy foods one should avoid to control excessive hair fall

Fried foods :

One should avoid fried food as they contain saturated fatty acids and Tran’s fat that may damage hair. Excessive intake of fried foods can lead to hormonal imbalance and hair fall.

Excessive intake of Coffee and Caffeine :

High intake of beverages like coffee, tea and caffeine products lead to sleeping disorders. Sleeplessness also causes hair fall, hence excessive intake should be avoided.

High glycemic Index food :

High glycemic index foods produce excess insulin in the body and increases glucose levels in body. High glucose levels in the body leads to shrinkage of hair follicles and leads to hair fall.

Intake of Refined Foods and Packaged Foods :

Intake of refined and processed foods leads to high sugar levels in the body and causes hair loss. Preservatives, artificial flavours and colours used in packaged foods also leads to hair damage and hair fall.

Unhygienic food or Street food :

Intake of street and unhygienic food leads to several infections and diseases. These infections and diseases can cause hair fall.

Carbonated Drinks :

Carbonated drinks are highly acidic in nature and they also contain high sugar levels which causes hair fall and baldness in men.
High intake of greasy foods, vitamin A, alcohol consumption and crash dieting also leads to hair fall in many individuals.


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