Break Fast Health Tips

Health Tips for Excellent Breakfast

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Healthy breakfast is very essential to kick start your day. Many people tend to skip breakfast due to several factors like lack of time, to lose weight, waking up late and so on. But it is not a great idea. Eating healthy breakfast is the most crucial meal of your day and also helps our body in many ways. It provides energy to start our routines improves concentration, reduces cholesterol levels, assist in weight loss, reduce the risk of heart problems like heart attack, diabetes, improves metabolism and also stops you from over eating. It is recommended to have your breakfast within an hour or two after you wake up. Not just having breakfast is important but what you are eating is also very important. Breakfast should be high in minerals, nutrients, protein and also fiber.

Break Fast

Here is the list of foods which completes your nutrient requirements and health tips for excellent break fast.

  • Include whole grains like oats, cereals, whole wheat bread and so on which helps to control hunger, makes, you feel full and also assist in controlling diabetes, heart problems, few cancers and so on.
  • Include both proteins and carbohydrates. Include protein rich foods like nuts, milk, eggs, yogurt, salmon fish and so on along with carbohydrate rich foods like oats, bread, cereals and others.
  • Include fresh fruits and vegetables in breakfast to be healthy and active. Also include fresh fruit juices.
  • Include herbal tea, fresh fruit juices and also drink plenty of water to be hydrated.
  • For people who go for gym in the mornings, it is important to have breakfast to get the energy required for exercises.

Breakfast is very crucial for your children’s growth and also brain their development. Healthy breakfast in kids improves their health. Excellent breakfast tips for kids

  • Include high fiber foods to fulfill their energy requirements.
  • Give cereals in breakfast which contain vitamin B, vitamin D, iron and so on.
  • Include nuts, dry fruits and also fresh fruits in diet
  • Include calcium rich foods like milk, yogurt and other dairy products which help in keeping your child’s bones and teeth strong.
  • Include fruit juices and other liquids which can help children be hydrated.
  • Healthy and balanced breakfast helps in improving brain and concentration among the children.

People who eat breakfast regularly lose weight more quickly when compared to people who skip their breakfast.


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