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Healthy Diet Plan for Working Women

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For every working women it is very important to balance all the responsibilities like home, children and work place targets. With this busy schedule most of the women do not take enough care of their diet and health. This leads to several health issues like stress, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and other heart problems, which may affect your daily life. Most of the working women tend to eat at odd timings i.e. whenever they have little time they just gobble the food in a rush. Eating in a rush without chewing the food also leads to several health problems, hence it is crucial to chew the food properly. Most of the working women skip their breakfast due to several factors like lack of time, busy schedule, part of dieting and so on. Healthy diet helps to keep you fit by promoting weight loss and also by eliminating several health problems. To avoid all the health issues and other problems, planning is very essential for working women.

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Here is the diet chart for working women which helps to maintain healthy weight and also improve your health and overall wellbeing.

  • Have breakfast around 8.00 A.M in the morning.
  • You can have mid morning break at 10.A.M
  • Plan your lunch around 1 to 1.30 P.M
  • Go for evening Tea around 4 P.M
  • You can have late evening snacks around 6 P.M
  • Finish your dinner on or before 8.PM

What type of Diet that a Working women need to follow

As we have discussed before about the timings of diet or at what timings you should have your meals, let us now discuss about what to include in menu or what type of diet a working women should have. Here is the list of healthy diet tips for women


For healthy breakfast you can follow the below diet

  • Include sprouts in your breakfast along with a glass of slimmed milk.
  • You can have oats porridge and fruits and vegetables.
  • Start your day with green tea long with a boiled egg. Green tea helps to improve your health in many ways.
  • Have vegetable upma and include as many vegetables as you can.
  • Have fresh fruits and vegetables, they help you to kick start your day. For women who do not have time for preparing breakfast can go with fruits and vegetables.

Mid morning break

For mid morning break you can opt for some digestive biscuits, vegetable salad and include onions, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes.


For lunch you can have things like

  • 2 chapattis, one bowl of rice along with one curry (pulses, vegetables), green veggies and curd or yogurt.
  • You can even have brown rice along with kadhi.
    Never have heavy lunch as you may feel drowsy.

Evening Tea

In the evening hours you can have, glass of slimmed milk, tea, or coffee along with 2 to 3 biscuits.

Late evening snacks

For late evening snacks you can have foods which can relieve stress and tiredness like soups, grilled veggies and sandwich.


Try and have early and light dinner and in the menu you can have

  • You can have chapattis along with a bowl of kichdi, a curry and vegetable raita.
  • Chapattis with mixed veg pulao, curry and yogurt

Overcome health issues with proper Diet

Healthy diet helps you to stay fit and healthy by providing all essential vitamins and nutrients required for your body. Healthy and balanced diet keeps you energetic and also helps to maintain healthy weight.

Here are few health benefits of proper diet

  • Healthy and balanced diet helps to keep you fit by improving immunity and also by keeping several illnesses away
  • Balanced diet helps you to lose some extra Kg’s and to maintain healthy weight
  • Balanced diet keeps away several chronic health problems like high BP, obesity, diabetes, skin problems and also heart problems.
  • It helps to control stress and anxiety and also keeps you active and energetic
  • It elevates your mood and reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.
  • Diet rich in calcium and other important nutrients helps you with healthy teeth and bones.
  • Diet loaded with fruits and vegetables helps to decrease the risk of cancers as they are rich in antioxidants.
  • Healthy diet is also crucial for healthy skin and hair, it improves your looks and also improves your self confidence.
  • Including yogurt in diet helps to kill bad bacteria and treat gum diseases, bad breath and several other problems.
  • Healthy diet also improves your brain power. It also helps to increase your productivity and helps you to finish your tasks in time.

Homeopathy for working women

Homeopathy works very well for working women as it helps to improve overall wellbeing and also controls stress and anxiety. It is a natural and holistic way of treatment which improves immunity and treats several health problems in working women. Along with treatment it also provides homeopathy tips for working women.

Homeopathy tips you should follow along with diet plan

Along with the diet plan here are few diet tips for healthy women which help to lead healthy lifestyle

  • Never skip your breakfast as it helps to provide energy to start your day.
  • Do not eat in large quantities at one time, instead eat small quantities frequently
  • Do not go for processed or junk food, instead opt for fresh fruits and salads.
  • Try and have early and light dinner
  • Avoid excess intake of caffeine products, instead choose green tea.
  • Stay away from salt and refined sugars as they adversely affect your health.
  • Say big NO to sugary beverages
  • Make time for your exercises to be fit and healthy. At least spend 15 to 20 minutes daily for physical activities.
  • Control your stress levels by practicing meditation and breathing exercises.

By following tips to stay healthy and making these little changes in your lifestyle and diet you can improve your health, stay strong and also perform all your duties and responsibilities properly.


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