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Is Homeopathy is Good for New Born Babies

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Homeopathy is a natural treatment developed by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann at the end of 18th century. Homeopathy treatment is based on likes cure likes principle. Homeopathy uses natural substances in treatment, these substances like pills and liquid mixtures are made of plants, vegetables, animals and mineral based substances. Homeopathy treatment is gentle but successful and beneficial. Homeopathy treatment is safe and has no side effects, it is very useful and can be used for all age groups. Homeopathy can be used for all ages from newborn babies to elders. Homeopathy treatment is prescribed based on the symptoms of the patient. Homeopathy treatment is not addictive and helps people in many ways. Homeopathy treatment is very effective in treating vast range of health conditions, illness and diseases.

Homeopathy treatment improves body’s healing system and immunity to fight against several infections caused due to virus and bacteria. It builds immune system and makes them strong. People prefers homeopathy when other conventional treatments fail to treat the problem. Conceived ladies can also use homeopathy as it has no side effects and it improves overall wellbeing of mother and child.
Homeopathy is perfect for newborn babies as it is gentle and very useful. Homeopathy treatment uses pills or liquids that are water based and have no side effects to the newborn babies and children. Homeopathy helps children in their growth and development. Homeopathy treatment raises immune system in children and makes them vigorous and healthy. Homeopathy in children keeps away the common cold, cough, flu and other infections. Homeopathy treatment and doses are same for all age groups because homeopathy treatment uses mild doses for all age groups. Homeopathy when used in long run it keeps children away from infections, diseases and other seasonal illness. Homeopathy is very efficient in treating all the health problems in children.
Homeopathy is effective in treating almost all female problems like infertility, hormonal imbalance, Thyroid, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), cardiac health and also treats all skin and hair problems. Along with natural oral treatment homeopathy also presents creams for them to treat rashes, scraps and cuts. It is also very efficient in treating male health problems like infertility, baldness, and hair and skin problems. It also treats serious health issues like diabetes, obesity, high BP, cholesterol, psoriasis, arthritis, tumors, inflammation, heart problems and respiratory diseases. Homeopathy not just focuses on particular illness but also treats an individual as whole and focus on overall wellbeing. Homeopathy treats several conditions like anxiety, injuries, burns, constipation, infections, insomnia, sore throat, vomiting and wounds in children and helps in their proper development. In recent years children are attacked by several illnesses due to low immunity but homeopathy treatment particularly aims to improve immunity and avoids the attack of these infections in the future. Homeopathy offers treatment based on the symptoms like physical, environmental, psychological and social problems. A professional homeopath can prescribe treatment based on symptoms though the symptoms vary differently in different people to get accurate and positive results.


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