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Problems of Long Time Sitting

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Sitting for longer time on work may leads to several chronic health problems. Sitting for too long adversely affects individual’s health and leads to sitting disorders and also increase the risk of several health issues like back pain, high BP, heart problems, high belly fat, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and so on. Sitting for longer periods in work place, sitting and watching TV for longer hours, playing with mobiles and Tabs also increase the risk of health disorders. In children sitting for longer hours and lack of physical activity are the two main causes of childhood obesity.Now a day’s sitting for longer hours has become very common due to job requirements. But do you know sitting for longer hour’s leads to some dangerous health complications which can be life threatening. It is said that sitting for longer hours causes more damage to your body than smoking. Fat gets accumulated in different parts of your body especially in your abdomen due to lack of exercises and physical movements. Fat accumulations in arteries can lead to heart problems. People who sit for longer hours face prostate damage due to increased pressure on prostate.

Sitting Problems

Long time sitting increases your risk of death up to 50% and increases risk of cardiovascular diseases by up to 125%. Long time sitting and physical inactivity increases the risk of overweight, type 2 diabetes, few types of cancers and other risks. Exercising for some time regularly may not work that efficiently in people who sit for longer hours. Long time sitting reduces circulations and oxygen supply to the brain and causes problems with memory and thinking capability. Long time sitting along with other factors like unhealthy diet, lack of exercising and others further more worsens the symptoms and complications.

List of complications due to long time sitting

Here is list of few health complications caused due to long time sitting.

  • Weight gain– Weight gain is the most common sitting problem. While we exercise or do any physical activity our body releases molecules like lipoprotein lipase. These molecules assist in processing fats and glucose. The release of these molecules gets affected with long time sitting and leads to weight gain. People who sit for long time increases their risk of fats around abdomen.
  • Muscle degeneration– Sitting for too long reduces the use of muscles and sitting for longer periods also reduce flexibility in muscles, especially in back and hips. The muscles in back when go unused, it leads to a condition called sway back. When left unused these muscles becomes tight and leads to low mobility.
  • Organ damage– Sitting for longer period without physical activity lead to deterioration of different organs like heart, pancreas and also leads to several cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer and also endometrial cancers. Sitting for longer hours clogs your heart and causes heart diseases.
  • Diabetes– Sitting for longer hours without physical activities increases the risk of diabetes. Long term sitting affects body’s respond to insulin and leads to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance affects glucose levels in the body.
  • Digestion problems– Slow digestion is the most common health issue seen among people who sit for longer hours. Sitting compresses abdominal contents and leads to digestion problems. Slow digestion causes several problems like bloating, cramping, constipation, heartburn and so on.
  • Shoulder and neck problems– Sitting for longer hours and bending forward towards your computer monitor affects your posture and leads to strained neck and sore shoulders. Long time sitting and bending forward puts pressure on cervical vertebrae and causes neck and shoulder problems.
  • Leg problems– Sitting longer hours without physical activity reduce your circulation in your legs. This leads to fluid retention and causes swelling. Sitting for longer hours leads to swelling in ankles, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. Lack of physical activity and long time sitting leads to weak bones.
  • Depression and anxiety– People who sit for longer periods without any exercises and physical inactivity in front of the computer affects your mental health. Physical inactivity leads to depression and anxiety by increasing pressure and stress levels.

Health tips for sitting disorders

By following few health tips for sitting disorders people can actually control health complications of long time sitting to a lot extent. Here are few health tips for sitting disorders like

  • Take short breaks during working hours and go for walk and do some stretching’s.
  • Walk to your colleagues to deliver files and to discuss about queries instead of using intercoms.
  • Avoid elevators and start using stairs
  • You can walk to your office if it is near or opt for cycling instead of bikes and cars.
  • Walk while talking on the phone
  • Try and adjust the height of your desk and work by standing
  • Sit straight and do not lean forward to avoid posture, neck and shoulder problems.
  • You can do some stretching exercises while you are sitting and working like abdominal crunches.
  • You can also few work outs during lunch hours.
  • Take breaks and walk to have water, tea and others
  • Avoid resting in front of TV, go for cycling and do other exercises after your working hours.
  • If you are taking bus or train to your office, opt for standing instead of sitting

Homeopathy treatment for sitting problems

Homeopathy is a natural way of treatment and works very effectively in treating several sitting problems. Homeopathy treats several illnesses by improving immunity system of your body. Homeopathy by improving self healing of the body aims at overall wellbeing. Treatment for sitting problems in homeopathy is prescribed based on symptoms and theory of individualization. Along with treatment homeopathy also provides sitting disorders tips. These homeopathy tips for sitting disorders help to control and avoid several health complications. Homeopathy treatment for sitting disorders is natural, safe, non toxic and free from side effects.


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