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Rainy season safety tips for children

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Safety tips for children’s need to follow in monsoon

With the arrival of rainy season, along with delightful drizzles of rain also come several health illnesses. During this season, the risk of various monsoon diseases like cold, flu, viral fevers, infections, allergies, airborne diseases, water-borne diseases and mosquito-borne diseases doubles and people with low immunity especially children are more at risk of developing them. Children get easily attacked by several contagious diseases while playing in the parks or in the schools or at home due to their weak immune system. We need to follow some safety tips for children.

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Extra care and safety during the rainy season are very important for children in monsoon. This is really a tough time for all the mothers as well as children. For all of them, today I have come up with a few simple yet effective monsoon safety tips. Follow these safety tips and enjoy healthy and safe monsoon.

Safety Tips for children’s in Rainy Season

  • Carry rain gear- Carrying rain gear like an umbrella, hooded raincoat and others in monsoon is a must to avoid unnecessary drenching in rain. Getting caught in a downpour can lead to cold, cough and other illnesses.
  • Have a warm shower after getting drenched- If your child gets drenched, give them a warm shower, this helps to regularize their body temperature and also helps to clean the dust and others.

Rainy season safety tips for children

  • A healthy diet- Healthy diet plays a crucial role in improving our immunity and keeping us fit. In monsoon we are more at risk of developing digestive problems and infections and hence consuming healthy and homemade foods is very important. Prefer homemade fresh foods and avoid junk foods, foods or juices from roadside stalls and uncooked salads. Raw salads should be avoided in this season and you can instead give your kids boiled veggies.
  • Drink purified and boiled water- Waterborne diseases are one of the most commonly faced problems in Monsoon. Drinking purified and boiled water is very important to protect our family and especially kids from these unwelcomed diseases. Also, make sure your kids are drinking enough water. Carry your own water bottle when you go out and avoid drinking outside contaminated water.
  • Maintain hygiene- Hygiene is very crucial for all of us especially in monsoon. Wash your hands and feet regularly to avoid infections and allergies. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and other areas to avoid infections. You can even avoid spreading of diseases by maintaining hygiene.
  • Keep your house and surroundings clean- Not just personal hygiene but keeping our house and surroundings clean is also must in the rainy season. Make sure you don’t have any stagnant water in your surroundings as it is the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes and others.
  • Use mosquito repellent creams- In order to avoid mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya and several others, it is very important to use mosquito repellent creams, covering your body with clothes, sleeping under mosquito nets and others.
  • Learn about few safety precautions- Learning rainy weather safety tips in monsoon helps us in many ways. It is safe to head and reach home as soon as you hear thunder or lightning. Also, teach your kids not to go under trees or tall objects or metallic objects during thunders or lightening as this is dangerous.

Do not send your kids to school if they are ill to avoid further worsening of their condition and also to avoid spreading of the disease. If you have another kid, keep him/ her away from the infected kid and also wash your hands frequently. Follow above safety precautions in the rainy season and keep your kids healthy and strong.


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