Health Tips Ridge Gourd

How Ridge Gourd Help to Maintain Healthy Life

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Ridge gourd is a most commonly used healthy vegetable with all essential nutrients which are useful for body and health, it is also used in ayurvedic and including ridge gourd in diet helps to lead a healthy life by improving immune system, controlling cholesterol and helping in weight loss.

Ridge gourd is a pulpy and fleshy dark green vegetable, it is a climbing vine and belongs to cucurbitaceae family. Its scientific name is luffa acutangula and is originated in tropical Asia. Ridge gourd is also known as loofa grows in Asia, India, Africa, China, Philippines, Egypt, Middle East and US. It is a dark green veggie with white pulp and small edible white seeds embedded with spongy flesh. It should be harvested before maturity to be edible, as it matures it becomes extremely fibrous making it unfit for consumption. Ridge gourds are cultivated in warm and hot weather and also grow in the home garden. Ridge gourd is a popular vegetable in various cuisines. Its seeds, leaves, dried crust and even roots are used for remedies purposes. Ridge gourds are sweet in taste and some are bitter in taste.

Nutrition Facts of Ridge Gourd :

Ridge gourd contains various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and lipids. It has vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin K. Vitamins helps to improve our immune system and keeps away allergies and infections like cold. It consists of important minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and copper. It also contains vital elements like riboflavin, thiamin, beta carotene and insulin like Peptides and Alkaloids which helps to control sugar levels.
Ridge gourds are low in cholesterol, saturated fats and it is extremely rich in dietary fibre. Ridge gourd is a healthy vegetable as it has low calories.

Health Benefits of Ridge Gourd :

Some important health benefits of ridge gourd are

Helps in weight loss– Ridge gourd is low in calories, has high water content and it is rich in dietary fibre which gives a full feeling for longer time and avoids eating constantly. Diet with low calories and high water content is ideal for weight loss.
Controls diabetes– It contains insulin substance like peptides and alkaloids which are useful to control sugar levels. Diet with low calories, minerals like manganese and antioxidant properties are very important for people with diabetes, ridge gourd contains all the above.
Control inflammation and heat– Copper present in it provides anti inflammatory properties. It control both external and internal inflammation. Minerals in it control acidity and gives cooling effect in the body.
Cures anemia– Ridge gourd contain vitamin B6 which helps to produce haemoglobin in mobilises iron. Vitamin B6 helps to control symptoms of anemia.
Treats constipation– Ridge gourd contains high amount of cellulose, fibre and water content which helps to treat constipation problem and also heals piles.
Good for skin– Vitamin C in it helps to control wrinkles, skin dryness and gives smooth and bright skin. Ridge gourd has purifying properties which helps to treat pimples and skin breakouts. It is good for healthy skin.
Ridge gourd is also good for liver health, treats jaundice, protects from allergies, treat muscle pain and enhances eye sight. Ridge gourd is also very important for hair as it helps in enriching your hair roots, restore the pigments and it acts as a natural remedy for premature greying of hair.
Ridge gourd is a healthy vegetable with all essential nutrients which are useful for body and health, it is also used in ayurvedic and including ridge gourd in diet helps to lead a healthy life.


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