Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Health Tips

Tips to control Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children

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What are Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children?

Are your kids being nervous, depressed with low self esteem, it may be due to Emotional and behavioural disorder (EBD), which can be caused due to several factors like stress, sleeping disorders, poor diet and so on.

Emotional and behavioral disorder (EBD) is an emotional disorder hence it is also called as emotional disturbance. It is a condition where children have abnormal characteristics for a long period of time which negatively affects their performance. Children with Emotional and behavioral disorder may have one or more following characteristics like

  • Facing difficulty to learn due to health factors or others
  • Difficulty to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships with their peers, teachers and others
  • Feeling sad, anxious and depressed
  • Have fear and anxiety in school and personal matters
  • Children with Emotional and behavioral disorder may be hyperactive, aggressive, immature, face difficulty in learning and interaction with others.

Tips to Control Emotional and Behavirol Disorders in Childern

How to keep children away from Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Parents with careful observation and care can easily keep children away from their abnormal behaviors like by encouraging children on meeting with family and social activities, encouraging them to learn new things and games, spending time with them and by knowing their tantrums.

What types of tips to follow?

Emotional and behavioral disorders in children overcome tips are

  • Be patient with your kid and listen to what they say
  • Taking them regularly to their counseling classes
  • Arranging simple tasks and giving positive response
  • Praising them when they do and follow your instructions
  • Giving them choices for what they want to do
  • Teaching them through games and giving them time to explain.

Reasons of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children

There is no particular reason for emotional and behavioral disorders in children, few factors can lead to Emotional and behavioral disorders like

  • Physical disorders or illness
  • Hereditary
  • Malnutrition
  • Disturbances at home
  • Lack of discipline
  • Poor attitude towards studies
  • Brain Disorders or problems
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep or sleeplessness
  • Trauma
  • Poor upbringing

Boys are at an increased risk of developing emotional and behavioral disorders when compared to girls.

How to Motivate Children to live with happy life

Motivating children is very crucial for their development and growth like

  • Appreciating their efforts
  • Encouraging and supporting the shy kids
  • Giving them nutritional food
  • Explain them instead of yelling at them
  • Encouraging them to play their favorite games
  • Be polite and teach them the words sorry and thank you.
  • Tell them how they feel and make them feel comfortable
  • Teach them the strict rules and their benefits.
  • Be friendly and jokes also helps sometimes

Homeopathic tips for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Children

Homeopathy treatment is very effective in treating the negative emotions in individuals. Homeopathy improves physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals. It improves immunity of individuals and treats other health disorders also. Homeopathy along with treatment also provides health tips for emotional and behavioral disorders in children. Homeopathy health tips for emotional and behavioral disorders in children helps to treat the disorders and live healthy and normal happy life. Homeopathic remedies for emotional and behavioral disorders in children are made of natural substances which are safe, mild and have no side effects. Homeopathy treatment is based on the symptoms and theory of individualization and is different for each individual.


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