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Tips to Overcome Immune System Disorders

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What are Immune System Disorders

Dysfunctioning of immune system is called as immune system disorder. Immune system is the most important defence system which protects our body from several infections and other foreign invaders. When our immune system functions low actively or hyperactively then it is said to be immune system disorders. If our immune system works low actively it makes us more prone to several health disorders. Low immunity lowers the body’s ability to fight against foreign invaders. Whereas when our immune system works hyperactively it attacks its own body tissues. Our immune system works or fights several bacteria, viruses and other foreign invaders by producing antibodies. There are two types of immune system disorders called primary and secondary disorders. Primary disorders are also known as congenital disorders, i.e., individuals are born with such immune disorders, i.e., weak immune system, where as secondary disorders are which we develop later in life and are also called as acquired disorders.

Tips to Overcome Immune System Disorders

Importance of Immune System

Immune system is very important for each and every individual to avoid several infections, allergies and other diseases. Immune system protects us from several diseases starting from cold and flu to severe disorders like asthma, cancers and so on. Our immune system includes several organs like spleen, tonsils, bone marrow and lymph nodes. These several organs develop and release lymphocytes which are further classified as B cells and T cells. B cells release antibodies, where as T cells helps by destroying abnormal foreign invaders. Lack of strong immune system increase our risk of developing several health issues and make us weak. Immune system disorders affect overall growth and development of children.

Immune System Disorders Causes and prevention tips


Immune system disorders are mainly caused due to several causes like

  • Primary immune system disorders are mainly caused due to hereditary or genes. People with family history are at increased risk of developing primary immune system disorders.
  • Secondary immune system disorders may be caused due to several factors which weakens our immunity like
    • Lack of proteins in diet
    • Aging
    • Spleen removal
    • Prolonged severe chronic disorders like diabetes and cancer
    • Exposure to infected body virus like HIV
    • Prescriptions used for cancer and chemotherapy
    • Sleeping disorders

Prevention tips

Though the primary immune system disorders cannot be prevented, they can be managed and controlled with timely treatment whereas secondary immune system disorders can be prevented by following few immune system disorders control tips like

  • Taking healthy and protein rich diet.
  • Regular physical exercises
  • Having adequate sleep
  • Preventing infections by maintaining personal hygiene
  • Avoid contact with sick people
  • Taking proper treatment
  • Managing and controlling chronic diseases like diabetes

Homeopathy Tips for Immune System Disorders

Homeopathy treatment works very efficiently in treating different immunity disorders. Homeopathy mainly focuses on improving the immune system and self healing process of the body. Homeopathic remedies for immune system disorders are made of natural substances and are safe and free from side-effects. Homeopathy assists in getting several other benefits of immune system disorder control like leading a healthy and happy life. Homeopathy aims to treat many health disorders by improving immunity of the body. Homeopathy along with treatment also provides health tips for immune system disorders. These homeopathy health tips for immune system disorders include several physical exercises, diet tips and so on which are very useful. Immune system disorders prevention tips are safe and can be used and suitable to all age groups.


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