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Top 7 Impressive Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds

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Amazing health benefits of Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are tiny and round seeds whose color ranges from yellowish white to black. Mustard is an herb originated in the Middle East and is being in use since earlier times due to its health benefits like improving digestion, controlling diabetes, preventing cancer and improves skin and hair health. Mustard belongs to the family Brassicaceae, its family includes cabbage, broccoli, and turnips etc. It is an Indian spice also known as Sarason in Hindi, Aavalu in Telugu, Kadugu in Tamil and Malayalam and Rai in Gujarat and Punjab.

These seeds are fruit pops obtained from a mustard plant, the plant measures 2 meters height with many branches and each plant produces thousands of seeds. There are three different types of mustards which include black mustard, white mustard, and brown Indian mustard. In India, yellow and dark brown mustard seeds are commonly used in curries and pickles with raw mango, bitter gourd etc., the flavor of the seeds is released when they are cooked in oil or crushed. You can get mustard in many forms such as mustard oil, mustard powder, mustard sauce and even simple mustard seeds.

Mustard Seeds benefits

Here’s why Mustard seeds Good for You:

Mustard for Skincare:

Yes, mustard seeds work excellent on your skin by acting as a natural scrub, slows aging, generates warmth, they brighten, hydrate and nourish the skin and fight infection. Mustard seeds are helpful in treating dermatitis, ringworm and psoriasis. It shows best results in maintaining your skin.

Mustard Oil Beneficial for Heart health:

Mustard oil especially black mustard oil is healthy when used as cooking oil as it is a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as both are essential fatty acids, it raises HDL levels which helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

Mustard helps in preventing Cancer:

Mustard seeds possess a large number of nutrients and anti-cancer properties, it can counteract different cancers such as intestinal, colon and bladder cancer effectively.

Mustard for better Haircare:

As mustard is rich in protein, vitamin A, fatty acid and protein which are an excellent stimulant for hair growth, nourishes hair and helps in strengthening hair.

Treats Diabetes:

Mustard plant leaves are helpful for the Diabetic patient as it triggers healthy metabolism and shows antioxidant properties. It also protects the oxidative pressure in diabetes.

Mustard provides Respiratory relief:

Mustard seeds act as decongestants and treat cold and flu problems by emptying the respiratory organ, as it has warming properties that help in expelling mucus and phlegm out of the throat and lungs. Mustard powder has the benefit of relieving sinus and also beneficial for people suffering from asthma.

Mustard Improves Digestion:

There are many benefits of mustard seeds as they are rich in dietary fiber it regulates the bowel movements. It promotes saliva production and increases metabolism and digestion of food.

Mustard seeds also provide several other benefits like relieving pain treatment, aches, fever, flu, repels poison, helps to strengthen teeth, bone and gums and healthy mustard also act as an effective painkiller.

Mustard is effective in relieving stiff muscles, pneumonia, congested phlegm and convulsions in children. I recommend you to include mustards in your diet in order to improve the quality of your health.

Important precaution- Along with the above benefits, excess intake of these seeds also leads to few side effects and is very important to look at the quantity and way you’re using it. Mustard seeds contain erucic acid which is highly toxic and leads to diarrhea, cardiovascular issues, respiratory problems and even can cause death in severe cases.


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