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Types of Hepatitis and Its Effects

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Need to know about Hepatitis: Causes, Types, and Effects

Hepatitis disorder, as we all know it is the inflammation of liver tissues. Our liver performs several crucial functions in our body like producing bile, filters and removes toxins from our body, stores vitamins, minerals and glycogen, and so on. All the above functions of the liver get disrupted due to Hepatitis and lead to several health issues. Hepatitis adversely affects liver health and leads to complications like liver damage, liver cancer, and cirrhosis (irreversible scarring of the liver). In this article let us learn about the overview, types and also about the tips to avoid hepatitis problem.

Hepatitis Problems

Hepatitis Overview

  • Hepatitis can be both acute and chronic and is caused due to several factors like infections (caused due by viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other parasites) and other factors like excess alcohol intake and immune system disorders.
  • Autoimmune hepatitis is a condition where our own immune system attacks liver tissues and it is more commonly seen in women than in men.
  • Few people with hepatitis may not have any symptoms, but others might experience symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, body ache, dark-colored urine, stomach pain, jaundice, and so on.
  • In few cases, acute hepatitis gets resolved on its own, and in severe cases, it leads to chronic hepatitis.
  • In long run, if not diagnosed properly or in severe cases chronic hepatitis leads to liver failure.
  • People with chronic hepatitis do not experience any early symptoms until their liver stops working or gets damaged.
  • Hepatitis is easily transmitted from one person to another through contaminated food, intercourse, contact with infected body fluids, and so on.

Types of Hepatitis

Hepatitis is classified into two types namely infectious and non-infectious. Viral infection hepatitis is classified into different types like

  • Hepatitis A– Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is the main culprit for hepatitis A and is transmitted through contaminated food and water. It is an acute disorder and people can easily recover from it.
  • Hepatitis B– This type is caused due to hepatitis B virus (HBV). Contact with body fluids that are containing or infected with HBV can cause Hepatitis B. Sharing things with an infected person can trigger the risk of hepatitis B. This type can further become chronic in long run and lead to liver damage.
  • Hepatitis C– This type gets transmitted when a non-infected person comes in contact with an infected person’s body fluids. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) can cause this type of hepatitis. People with this typeface long term infections.
  • Hepatitis D– This disease is caused due to hepatitis D virus (HDV). It is transmitted from mother to child and also through intercourse with the infected person.
  • Hepatitis E– It is a water-borne disease caused due to hepatitis E virus (HEV). It usually spreads through consuming contaminated water and food.

Other types of non-infectious hepatitis are caused due to factors like excess alcohol consumption, excess usage of therapies, autoimmune disorders, and so on.

How to avoid Hepatitis?

Individuals can avoid Hepatitis, by following few safety tips like

  • Maintaining hygiene and washing your hands frequently
  • Avoiding contact with infected persons, their body fluids, faces, and so on.
  • Practicing safe and protected intercourse
  • Avoid sharing things with infected persons.
  • Getting vaccinated before traveling to areas where these disorders are common.
  • Avoid consuming raw or undercooked meat and vegetables.


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