Krishnapatnam Anandayya Ayurvedam


Borige Anandayya, a traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioner in the Krishnapatnam Nellore district. Anandayya continued his ancestor practice of Ayurvedic treatment and with his mythical Ayurvedic therapy, he had afforded many services for the people and cured all their illness or problems by using the basic ingredients of the Ayurvedic medicines. He had also provided those medicines with very less of cost to the people in need and Borige Anandayya is known for his simplicity and services toward the people.

Borige Anandayya, who once worked as the village sarpanch and later a member of the Mandal Parishad. He began the medicine distribution on April 21. Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, who cheers from the SPS Nellore district, also requested Union Minister for Ayush Kiren Rijiju and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director Balram Bhargava to accompany a study on the medicine. He asked them to grow out with a report as quickly as possible, according to a release.

Borigi Anandayya is sustaining his family’s tradition to catch up Ayurvedic medicine as a profession. From Sri Rama Navami this year, Anandayya began the distribution of this medicine. Originally, the foot-fall is low but with his medicine curing the patients, people started giving him in large numbers. At a time when Allopathy medicine is becoming costly and running out of stock, people are staring at alternate medicine. People are becoming discharged from hospitals only to take their medicine.

Borigi Anandayya grew up with medicine, practicing Ayurvedic formulas and he proved victorious to cure COVID-19 patients. The medicine operated like magic on those who were given up by the Allopathy doctors. With the widespread positive expression of the mouth, everyone is now reaching Krishnapatnam to take the medicine.

However, Anandayya does not provide the same medicine for all and he has categorized the equivalent as per various symptoms. The medicine can be practiced by positive corona patients and those who are not affected by the virus as well. Anandayya tender’s concoctions with ingredients like ‘Tokha miriyalu’-cubeb pepper that is presented as eye drops! There are several variants of medicine that probably work on everything from clearing lung congestion to improving O2 levels!