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New Omicron Variant- WHO Warns People To Follow Safety Precautions

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The coronavirus is terrorizing humanity in another new form. A new variant called Omicron is breaking out in many countries, including South Africa. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned Southeast Asian nations to be vigilant against this new type. This new Omicron variant virus is more dangerous than the Delta variant. Dr Poonam Khetrapal Sing, WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia, called for increased vigilance and strengthened public health systems. She also added that governments should expedite government’s vaccination process and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. She suggested that people conduct festivals and other ceremonies according to the COVID-19 rules.  One should follow physical distance to avoid crowded gatherings.

Safety Precautions

Following these precautions is a must.

Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Sing suggested that the respective countries with the new Omicron variant should increase surveillance on the new variant. She also stated that despite the decline in Coronavirus cases in many countries in the Southeast Asian region, the virus is booming in many countries worldwide, and concerns with new variants are a constant danger. She added that people should take necessary precautions and follow the COVID-19 restrictions to protect themselves from this variant and prevent its spread.

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Countries should place closed surveillance on the new variant and information on its spread. Countries should assess the risk rate through international travel and take action accordingly to control the spread. To protect themselves from the virus and to prevent its spread, people are advised to wear masks. People should avoid physical contact, stay away from the crowd, wash their hands regularly and avoid dark, closed rooms. People who are not yet vaccinated should get their vaccination.

So far, 31% of the population in Southeast Asia has been fully vaccinated and 21% have been partially vaccinated. The remaining 48% of the population are still needed to be vaccinated. COVID -19 threat is higher among people who did not get vaccinated. Each and everyone should follow the COVID-19 rules even if they are vaccinated.

On the other hand, the Government of India is already on the alert for this new variant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a high-level meeting and warned the States to be vigilant. National and international travelers are advised to get fully vaccinated.


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