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Omicron variant of COVID-19 more dangerous than the Delta variant

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Omicron, the recently discovered Corona variant, has made governments across the world anxious. WHO has already declared that this Omicron variant is a variant of concern because of its rapid transmissible nature. There is no specific proof if the Omicron variant is a threat to those who are vaccinated.

Omicron cases are rising drastically in Botswana, South Africa. Initial cases of the Omicron variant are also detected in Israel and Belgium. Various countries have already posed travel restrictions due to the new variant’s rapid transmissible nature. WHO held an emergency meeting on the new COVID -19 variant Omicron and warned of its severe spread.

London, Geneva, and Jerusalem: The new variant of Omicron, discovered in South Africa, is shaking the world today. The ‘B1.1.529’ variant found in South Africa a few days ago has spread to its neighboring Botswana and Hong Kong. Recently, Omicron cases have been reported in Israel and Belgium as well. The world is shocked that this variant is infecting people who have taken two doses of the COVID vaccine..! When COVID cases are on the decline and survivors are on the prowl, there are concerns that this Omicron could lead to grief.

Experts are concerned that Omicron could be more dangerous than Delta due to high mutations. This potentially increases the transmissibility and leads to more severe symptoms. Various stock markets around the world fell on Friday with the effect of the new variant. Major indices in Europe and Asia also got surged. Shares of several airlines were also hit hard.

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Is the new variant the reason for the increase in cases?

With an average of 200 corona infections recorded a day in South Africa, the number of cases has risen sharply for the past four to five days. Is the new variant the reason for this? The government is not giving any clarity on that. A man who recently came to Israel from Malawi was infected with B1.1.529. Two others are also suspected of having been affected. Medical professionals around the world are outraged that all these three people are fully vaccinated! Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett convened an urgent cabinet meeting to review the new variant in the wake of the latest developments. He further commented that their country was at the beginning of a state of emergency.

Do not come from there.

Israel has imposed sanctions on foreign travelers from all six countries, including South Africa. The UK announced on Friday that it was banning traffic from South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Ezwatin, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. However, the B.1.12929 variant has not yet been registered in the UK. Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Japan have also taken steps in this direction. EU member states have agreed to impose travel restrictions on immigrants from South Africa and other countries.

There are no such cases in India: INSACOG.

New Delhi: The Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) has said that not a single case of a new variant has come to light in the country so far. They have advised all people to follow the COVID-19 rules. Central health sources said they were monitoring the new variant and conducting a high-level review.

The most dangerous type

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the new variant will have severe contagious symptoms. It has been classified as a ‘Variant of Concern’ and named ‘Omicron’. The WHO Friday convened a special meeting with senior officials and experts to discuss B.1.1.529, which was identified as a “variant” under-monitoring “a few days ago.

What is the new variant?

Scientists have identified this COVID variant, which originated in South Africa, as ‘b.1.1.529’ is a new threat. Due to this, cases have come to light in South Africa and Hong Kong, Botswana, Israel, and Belgium.

What is the severity of the outbreak?

According to local medical experts, this variant is spreading rapidly in the province of Gauteng in South Africa. This variant is said to be responsible for 90% of the cases reported here. It seems that this variant may have spread to eight other provinces.

Why is it so scary?

Scientists have identified that B.1.1.259 is a combination of very unusual virus mutations. It is believed that it can disrupt the body’s immune system and spread widely. If this variant has the potential to fight the vaccines or spread more severely than the previous Delta. Then, once again, COVID-19 torment is inevitable.

What is the difference?

Senior scientists say that B.1.1.529 is more dangerous than the other variants seen since the onset of the corona outbreak. Scientists have analysed that there are 32 mutations in the virus-spike protein, which is double compared to the delta variant.

‘Omicron’ the dangerous

B.1.1.529 was calculated to spread faster than the other alarming viruses.

In South Africa, beta and delta variants account for less than 20% of all cases within a few days of their discovery. Within the same span of period, 90% of cases of factor B1.1.529 were reported.


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