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Reasons for Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is one of the major issues now days. Children with obesity are at an increased risk of developing many health problems like asthma, sleeping disorders, joint and muscle pain, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, high cholesterol and also type 2 Diabetes. Obese children are at an increased risk of becoming obese adults. Along with physical problems children with obesity also encounter many social and psychological problems like Stress, Depression, anxiety, low self esteem and so on as they are teased about their weight.

Reasons for Childhood Obesity

Many factors leads to childhood obesity like

Excess food intake or increased portion of food

Children are taking excess portion of food which includes high fat, calories and so on. Intake of sweet beverages also increases the risk of obesity. When kids eat large popcorn at theatres then without knowing they are consuming more than 1000 calories. Intake of large amount of food increases the risk of heavy weight and obesity.

Genetic factors

Obesity runs in family. Children with family history of obesity are at an increased risk of developing obesity. Due to the similar family behaviours like eating habits and physical activity routines children with family history of obesity tend to develop obesity.

Childhood Obesity Controlled with Homeopathy

Food in schools

Children from school canteens buy junk foods and many unhealthy beverages. Kids buy this unhealthy processed food which is high in calories and low health benefits. These snacks like chips, cool drinks etc increase the risk of childhood obesity.

Lack of exercises

Kids now spend most of their time in front of TV’s, computers, mobiles, video games and so on instead of playing outdoor games. Due to lack of exercises and physical activity children burn fewer calories and are at an increased risk of developing childhood obesity.

Advertising and marketing of food items

Children and adolescents easily get influenced by the attractive advertisements of different food items and beverages. Yearly billions of rupees are spent on advertisements. Due to attractive advertisements children easily get attracted and eat unhealthy junk food which ultimately leads to weight gain and obesity.

Lack of education on breast feeding and nutritional food

Lack of education on breast feeding and nutritional food among the parents also leads to obesity. Parents should teach children about healthy food habits and also about nutritional food. Lack of information leads to excess intake of junk food.

Due to easy availability of junk food and also due to busy lifestyle most of the parents are also depending on the processed and outside food which in turn leads to childhood obesity.

Homeopathy treatment for childhood obesity

Homeopathy treatment for childhood obesity works effectively by treating metabolism disorders. Homeopathy for childhood obesity is safe, mild and has no side effects. Homeopath along with treatment also provides health tips for childhood obesity. These health tips help in childhood obesity control. Few childhood obesity control tips include healthy eating habits, exercises and so on. Homeopathy treatment for childhood obesity are prescribed depending on the symptoms, theory of individualization and also based on family history.


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