Health Tips High Heels

Posture Problems Caused due to High Heels

High heels enhance personal style and boost any outfit. High heels assist you to look taller and thinner. Most of the women prefer high heels to look fashionable and fit. Many women wear high heels for parties, occasions, dinners, dancing and to work places. Along with the above benefits high heels also negatively affects our body. High heels affects our posture, leads to back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis and several other problems. High heels negatively impact on spine, ankle, hips, knees, feet and also your walk. High heels place excess pressure on our knees.

Negative Effects of High heels on the Body :

When a women wear high heels her body shifts forward affecting her standing posture. Toes are pointed straightly down when women wear high heels. High heels curled toes helps to look strong and have beautiful muscle tone. Women who wear high heels frequently face bone problems and joint pain. In initial stages wearing high heels may strengthen ankle muscle but later leads to instability and weakening of muscles. Wearing high heels also leads to arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Regular wearing of high heels has harmful effects on body like

Adversely Affects our Foot :

Walking in with bear foot puts our body weight on complete foot, when we walk in high heels our body weight or pressure will be on forefoot and leads to abnormalities of foot like bunions, hallux valgus, hammer toes, Morton’s neuroma and bone spurs. Long term usage leads to foot ache and pain in toes, sole, arch or heel.

Causes Lower Back pain :

High heels increase the risk of back pain, neck pain and lower back pain. As high heels fail to distribute body weight evenly it leads to inflammation and pain in lower back.

Harmful Effects on Knees :

High heels increases pressure on knees and leads to hyperextended knees. It causes pain in knee ligaments and kneecaps while walking, climbing steps and running.

Minimize Calf Muscle :

High heels in long run lead to sore calf muscles and minimize calf muscle in women up to 13%. It also leads to Achilles tendon.

Leads to Imbalance and Falls :

Wearing high heels can lead to imbalance and falls. Falling wearing high heels can lead to ankle sprain and sometimes can also cause broken ankle.

Causes Plantar Fasciitis :

Plantar fasciitis affects your foot where ligament attaches to bone and also leads to micro tears in the ligament and breakdown of collagen. Plantar fasciitis causes pain in heels and bottom of foot.

High heels lead to Posture problems :

Though wearing high heels assists to shape your posture, it also leads to many health issues. High heels situate entire body out of natural alignment. Upper part of the body i.e. head and chest are pushed forward as the lower part of the body leans forward due to high heels. This unnatural posture impacts the lumbar curve and increases pressure on spine and balls of the foot. This pressure on spine and lumbar curve leads to sciatica which causes shooting pain, tingling or numbness down the leg.