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Summer Care Tips for Children

When season changes children easily gets effected. When season changes to high temperature and humidity goes up outside resulting in long and hot days. In summer children gets affected with summer illness like sore throat, fever, sunstroke, dehydration, etc. Summer is a great time for kids to enjoy indoor and outdoor games as they get long vacations from schools. Summer is the great time for children to learn and enjoy new things like swimming, summer camps etc. With proper tips and care parents can protect their children from injuries and summer illness.


Health effects on Children :

High temperatures and humidity in summer have a great affect on children. Children in summer, who are playing outside or travelling are more likely to get effected. Heavy sweating, heavy exercise, high temperatures can cause summer illness in summer. Some common summer illnesses children faces in summer are

Tips to avoid those Effects :

Some important safety measures to follow in summer to stay cool and healthy are
Drink plenty of fluids-drinking lot of water, coconut water, fruit juices helps to keep children hydrated and these fluids have lot of minerals and nutrition, which are important in this season.
Fruits and vegetables- including fresh fruits and green vegetables in diet help children with fibres, proteins and minerals.
Wearing hats and wearing light coloured loose cotton clothes helps our body from sun.
Plan indoor activities during peak hours/ mid day to avoid direct exposure to sun.
Applying sunscreen to the exposed skin areas of the body.
Taking water bottles and fluids, while traveling helps against dehydration.

Summer is the great time to learn swimming and water safety skills. Children in summer often go to swimming, water related activities are very popular for getting physical activity and has many health benefits. Water fascinates young children, it’s great fun and exercise. Some important precautions needs to be taken by parents while children are in and around the pool to avoid accidents and injuries, they are

  • Drowning is the most important cause of injuries; parents should always supervise children, when they are in water.
  • Children should wear properly fitted life jacket, when they are in water.

In summer kids get to enjoy lot of fresh, special and tasty fruits like mangoes, water melon, grapes, oranges, guava, lychee and many more. Taking fresh fruits and green vegetables in summer helps to fight summer illness and keeps them fresh and hydrated.