Conceived Women Health Tips

Exercising for Conceived Women

For conceived women exercise does wonders for both mother and the baby. Women has many questions regarding exercising in her trimesters like is it safe? Or does it harm the baby? And so on. Experts say that exercising in your trimesters improves health of both mother and the baby. Exercising helps you to stay fit, enjoy and gives excellent feel during the trimesters. When you are expecting it is important to keep moving to feel fresh and energetic. Moderate exercises give your new born a new and healthy start. Exercising can improve general health, stamina and controls mood swings in conceived women.

Benefits of Exercise in Conceived Women :

There are several advantages with exercising during your trimesters; they are not only beneficial for the mother but also for the unborn child. Here are few benefits

  • Exercises boosts your energy and keeps you fit
  • Controls mood swings and improves your mood
  • Eliminate depression
  • Reduce backache
  • Controls constipation and swelling
  • Prevent gestational diabetes
  • Improve your posture and sleep
  • Reduces complications like preeclampsia, hypertension and C sections.
  • Controls weight gain during trimesters
  • Reduce morning sickness
  • Eliminate Depression
  • Prepare your body for labour and childbirth
  • Reduce stress and improve self image
  • Helps in faster postpartum or post delivery recovery
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance

Exercises that are safe for Conceived Women :

Many exercises are safe, but if you feel uncomfortable you can stop it right away. It is important to take advice from the professional trainers and doctors before starting any exercises. Women need to do some warm up and stretching’s before starting the actual exercising, this loosens your muscles and make your body ready for exercises. Some safe exercises include
Swimming- it gives strength to both hands and legs, reduces swelling and benefits cardiovascular health. It also reduces low back pain.
Brisk walking or walking- it is a cardiovascular exercise, tones muscles, boost your mood and makes you strong.
Mild and low aerobics- strengthens your body, helpful for you and your baby.
Prenatal yoga- yoga relaxes your body, controls mood swings, beneficial for you and your baby in many ways.
Indoor cycling- cycling is beneficial for cardiovascular health, improves circulation, reduces swelling and keeps you fit.
Strength training like light weight lifting- slow and controlled weight lifting improves muscle strength and prepares you for labour.
Dancing- improves your mood, relieves stress and helps heart.
Stretching- reduces low back pain, strengthens pelvic, hip and thigh muscles, prepares you for your labours.
All the exercises are helpful until you don’t overdo it. Start slowly with mild exercises and gradually increase the time and workouts. If women have health issues like Asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and miscarriage history, they should avoid exercises as it can worsen the problem. If a conceived women has problems like low placenta, weak cervix, premature birth in last baby and spotting, exercises can be harmful and can cause complications.