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The Different Types of Coughs and Homeopathy Treatment

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Cough is an involuntary process or action that assists to clear mucus or foreign irritants and maintain your throat, nose and airways clear. When cells of air ways gets irritated it leads to cough. When we cough air in the lungs goes out with high pressure and helps your body heal itself on its own. The process of cough is either voluntary or involuntary. Cough can be caused due to cold, flu, respiratory tract infections, virus, bacteria, air pollutant and some health problems. Cough can be acute or chronic depending on the causes and condition of individual. Acute coughs are commonly seen in many individuals and last for 2 to 3 weeks, this type of cough is caused due to flu, cold and bronchitis and can be treated.

Chronic coughs are caused due to severe diseases like asthma, allergies and smoking, it affects the individual more than 3 weeks. This type of coughs needs constant treatment. Frequent coughing in individuals signals the presence of diseases and low immunity. Coughs are most commonly seen in children and senior citizens with change in weather, smoke, dust and pollutants. In many conditions water helps to heal cough, along with water a vaporizer also helps to control and treat cough.

Different types of Coughs :

Coughs are classified into different types depending on the symptoms and time it lasts in individuals. Coughs can be productive or non productive depending on causes and health issues. Coughs are broadly divided into following types

Dry cough or non-productive cough- caused due to infection in nose or throat. Virus, allergies, dust and cold breeze. It does not produce mucus.
Chesty cough or productive cough- caused due to mucus in chest, lower respiratory tract and lungs. It produces a wad of mucus and caused due to cold, flu and infections.
Tickly cough or acute cough- it is caused due to irritation coming from neck, some odours and pollution also causes tickly cough. Mainly caused due to allergies.
Persistent cough or chronic cough- this type of cough can be caused due to lung diseases and genetic diseases. This can be both productive cough and non productive cough.
Smoker’s cough- long term smoking habits causes smoking cough, through cough lungs clear toxins.
Coughing at night- symptoms of cough are severe at night times and caused due to asthma, acid reflux and infections.

Homeopathy Treatment for Different types of Coughs :

Homeopathy treatment for different types of coughs is very efficient in treating many different types of coughs. Treatment for coughs in homeopathy uses natural remedies for the treatment, improves immunity and focuses on treating underlying cause of the problem like respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. Homeopathy treatment for cough is safe, non invasive and painless process and the treatment depends on individual symptoms, personal examination and previous health records. Homeopathy treatment for cough is suitable for all age groups and has no side effects as homeopathy uses natural substances for treating seasonal infections that usually causes cough. Pulsatilla, Nux vomica, kali bich, phosphorus and bryonia are few homeopathy remedies for different types of coughs.


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