Herpes Treatments

About Herpes Problems? Best Homeopathy Tips to control Herpes

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Herpes is a chronic disease or a viral infection caused due to herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is a contagious disease which spread from one person to another through direct contact. People with this condition face blisters or cold sores on different areas like face, mouth and genitals. Few people also face fever, headache, itching and burning blisters. This viral infection HSV can also be severe and dangerous in people with low immunity and also in new born babies. It is classified into two types based on the area of infection, they are

  • Oral herpes or herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)
  • Genital herpes or herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2)

In people with Oral simplex virus infection or Type 1 infection (HSV-1), cold sores are formed on face or around mouth. Where as in people with genital HSV or virus type 2 (HSV-2), the infection affects the genitals, anal area or buttocks. This viral infection also causes several other disorders like herpetic whitlow, gladiatorum, ocular herpes (keratitis), cerebral HSV infection encephalitis, Mollaret’s meningitis, neonatal herpes and also possibly Bell’s palsy. Different types of this infection also infect other areas of the body like eyes, skin and others.

Herpes Problems

Symptoms of Herpes

Most of the people with this problems i.e. both the types HSV-1 and HSV-2 do not have any symptoms even when they are affected. People with condition and those who do not have symptoms can also transmit the infection to others. Few others may have symptoms like

  • Blisters on different areas of the body like face, mouth, genitals and so on
  • Pain and itching blisters
  • Painful urination

When a person is infected with this for the first time, they may have few other symptoms like fever, enlarged lymph nodes and also vaginal discharge. People who are infected with it are more at risk of developing this infection again.

Causes of Herpes

It is spread from infected person to another person in different ways like

  • Through unprotected intercourse
  • Contact with infected person

Few factors like low immune system, having STI’s, intercourse with multiple partner’s acts as triggers. In few cases, it can also get transmitted from mother to her baby during child birth and it may lead to severe complications for the baby as they have low immunity.

Homeopathy treatment for Herpes Problems

Homeopathy treatment for Herpes problems works very well in controlling the infection. Homeopathy uses natural remedies to treat this problems. Homeopathy treatment is prescribed based on the symptoms and individualization theory. A professional homeopath along with treatment also provides some tips to overcome this condition through homeopathy. These homeopathy tips for this problems are safe and help in quick recovery. Homeopathy treatment for this infectious problems and tips not just aims at treating the particular problem but also aims to improve immunity and over all wellbeing of individuals. Treatment for this problems and tips through homeopathy are provided based on symptoms and are suitable to all age groups.


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