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Homeopathy Vogue Remedies for Abscess Piles

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Piles are commonly known as Haemorrhoids. Swollen vessels in or around the anus and rectum are referred as piles. The vessels become inflamed and swollen due to the increased pressure. Piles are usually small swellings caused due to enlarged varicose veins. Piles are classified into two types internal piles and external piles. Internal piles form inside the back passage i.e. anus. Internal piles are usually painless and may have bleeding during bowel movement. External piles form in the lower part of the anal canal. These may be painful, uncomfortable and may cause few problems. One can see and feel external piles; they may not be dangerous and can be resolved in a week without treatment when they are caused due to constipation.

In some cases external piles cause irritation and itchiness around the anus. If the pain is intolerable, the piles or clots can be removed by treating the pain. It is treated as piles if a person as lumps around the anus, pain, and discomfort during bowel movement and having itching, soreness, redness and swelling around the anus. Several creams like corticosteroid cream, pain killers, laxative, and ointments are available to control the pain and swelling. Banding treatment is a common treatment used to treat piles.

What are the causes of piles?

Piles are usually common in conceived women and aged people. The exact cause of piles is not clear but an increased pressure in the back passage or anal canal can be the major cause of piles. Here are some factors that increase the risk of developing piles, they are

  • Constipation or irregular bowel habits
  • Diarrhea
  • Prolonged straining
  • When conceived
  • Ageing
  • obesity
  • Hereditary
  • Cold and cough
  • Heavy lifting
  • Low fiber diet :Low fiber diet cause constipation which is the main risk factor of piles.
  • Piles effected food :One can prevent constipation which is the main cause of piles with the intake of high fiber foods. Making simple dietary changes are advised to the people suffering from piles.

Foods to eat :

Some simple dietary tips to follow to treat constipation and effect of piles are

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Include whole grains, oatmeal, nuts and seeds
  • Legumes (split peas, lentils, black beans, etc)

Adding the good amount of fiber in your diet keeps stool soft and regular. So, you don’t strain to go to the toilet. It also control swelling and irritation.

Foods to avoid :

Some foods you should avoid as they may worsen the problem, like

  • High intake Processed food and white bread
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Avoid meat
  • Deep fried foods
  • Dairy products
  • Alcohol consumption as it is dehydrating and leads to constipation.

How homeopathy helps ?

Homeopathy treatment for piles is very effective in managing piles and its symptoms. Piles treatment in homeopathy is safe, has no side effects and helps in recovery from piles. Homeopathy treatment for piles is given by homeopath after the full examination of the individual. Piles treatment in Homeopathy aims to treat the internal disturbance in a venous system by making vein valves strong and aims at recovery. Homeopathy treatment for piles offers effective treatment to the person and helps them to lead painless happy life.


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