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Though swollen ankles or feet may not be a serious issue, it may be due to standing and walking for a long time. The swelling may get controlled after resting for some time. When the swelling remains for a longer time it may be due to underlying health problems like obesity, kidney failure, heart diseases like heart attack, diabetes and so on. Swollen ankles and feet are very common among conceived women. When people face swollen ankles or Edema for longer periods along with few other symptoms then it may be due to a serious health problem and you should immediately consult health professionals.

Swollen Ankles and Health Complications

Here are few health conditions were swollen ankles for long periods along with other symptoms may lead to health complications.

Problems with Swollen Ankles

  • Ankle or foot injury– People experience swelling in ankle and feet when met with an injury or sprain. The swelling usually goes off when you take enough rest, with cold ice packs and so on. But when swelling lasts for longer periods along with pain it may be due to underlying problem with your ligaments or ankles.
  • Conceived women– Swelling of ankles or feet is normal in conceived women. But excess swelling in the ankles suddenly may be a sign of serious health condition called preeclampsia, where conceived women face hypertension. Swelling in the ankles or feet along with other symptoms like headache, abdominal cramps, fatigue, abnormal urination and so on maybe due to severe health complications and may also be dangerous to you and the baby. And also may need immediate treatment.
  • Lymphedema– This is a condition where lymphatic fluid is formed in the tissues which develops due to problem with lymph vessels. This build up of lymphatic fluid can lead to several health issues like infections, slow healing of wounds and so on. When individuals face swelling in ankles and feet when they are gone through cancer treatment or radiation treatment.
  • Diabetes– It is important for people with diabetes to look after their feet daily for any blisters or sores. In people with diabetes it is important to look for any swelling in the ankle or feet that are infectious and if so they should immediately contact doctor to eliminate further complications.
  • Venous insufficiency– It is a condition where flow through veins is inadequate from feet or legs to the heart. Swelling in the ankles or feet is a common symptom of venous insufficiency. To eliminate further complications of venous insufficiency one should contact the doctor if he has swelling in ankles and feet.
  • Thrombus– It is a condition where people face clots in veins of legs which prevents circulation from legs to heart. When people face swelling in one leg along with pain and discoloration then it is important to contact your doctor.
  • Failure in heart, kidneys and liver– Swelling in ankles and feet is the common symptom faced by people who have health conditions like kidney failure, heart failure and also liver failure. When you face swelling along with symptoms like weight gain, loss of appetite and so on, it is important to consult a doctor.

Homeopathy treatment for Swollen Ankles

Homeopathy treatment for swollen ankles works very efficiently. Homeopathy for swollen ankles is prescribed based on the symptoms and theory of individualization. Homeopathy not just focuses on treating swollen ankles but also aim to treat the underlying root cause of the problem. Homeopathy along with treatment also provides health tips for swollen ankles. Homeopathy tips for swollen ankles are safe, have no side effects and are also suitable to all age groups. Homeopathy swollen ankles health tips include exercises, diet changes and so on.


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