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Natural tips for Pink Lips

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Pink or rosy lips are the most attractive feature of face for both women and men. Pink and soft lips make you and your smile more attractive and beautiful. Soft, pink, luscious lips are what everybody especially women dream about. Lips are very sensitive, due to some reasons like lifestyle and chemicals pink lips are changing their colour and becoming darker.

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Dark Lips :

Dark lips and pigmented lips are the common problem faced now days. Various factors causes dark lips or decolouration of lips like environmental factors, lifestyle and skin disorders. Lips tend to change their colour due to
Sun exposure– Regular exposure to sun burns and darkens lips and skin
Anemia– Iron deficiency in the body can also cause lip darkness
SmokingSmoking causes dryness, wrinkles and lip skin becomes very dark
Melasma (hyper pigmentation)- Excessive deposition of melnin causes dark lips
Cyanosis– Bluish decolouration on parts of the body due to diseases
Lentigo– Spots on skin and lips due to long term sun exposure
Dermatitis– Skin inflammation due to several causes
Jaundice– Yellow discolouration of skin and lips due to disease
Remedies– Different types of remedies causes hyper pigmentation and discolouration of skin and lips
Cosmetics/ makeup– Chemicals present in cosmetics cause darkness on lips
Dryness– When lips loses its moisturiser they tend to decolouration of lips
Eating habits– Bad eating habits and nutritional deficiency causes dark lips
High intake of caffeine– Lips become darker due to high intake of coffee and tea
Allergies– Some skin allergies also cause lips to change colour.

Ways to Get Lips Pink and Smoother ?

Here are some home remedies for pink lips with which we can get natural pink lips
Mixture of honey and lemon juice– take lemon juice and mix it with honey, apply this mixture to your lips, leave it for one hour or overnight to treat pigmentation and to get pink and smooth lips. Repeat this process for one week or until you see the difference.
Rose water and honey– mix rose water and few drops of honey and apply it to your lips twice a day, it moisturises dry lips.
Beetroot juice– apply beetroot juice or scrub a piece of beetroot on your lips before going to bed and wash off in the morning, this will lighten the dark lips.
Pomegranate– pomegranate juice also acts as an excellent nourishing agent. Applying mixture of pomegranate juice, beetroot juice and carrot juice gives pinkish and smooth lips.
Sugar– sugar helps to remove dead skin cells on lips and acts as a great exfoliating agent. Scrub your lips with mixture made of sugar and butter. This helps to remove dead skin, restore your lip colour and shine.
Aloe Vera gel– aloeveera stimulates the growth of new cells and heals the damage caused by sun.
Brush your lips with tooth brush– take a soft bristled toothbrush and rub gently on lips, this removes the dead skin, improves flow and gives natural pink lips.
Some other tips to get natural pink lips are applying and massaging the lips with coconut oil, almond oil and with glycerine makes the lips soft, pink, healthy and hydrated.


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