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Is Your Jaw Pain Causing Discomfort and Headaches?

Your Jaw Pain may be the reason for your headache

Are you facing difficulty speaking, eating, laughing, headache and jaw pain every day? Why is jaw pain and what are its possible causes? Can jaw pain lead to a headache and other health issues? These are few questions which troll in most of the people’s mind suffering from jaw pain.

For all those, let us in detail discuss jaw pain, its causes, and symptoms in detail.

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About Jaw pain?

Jaw pain has become a very common problem nowadays and affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Pain in your jaw or around the ear can start suddenly or may develop over time due to some health issues like sinusitis, heart attack, TMJ disorders, dental infections, abnormalities of the jaw and so on. Talking about the structure of the jaw bone which is also called the mandible, it is connected to our skull by temporomandibular joints (TMJ) which are placed in front of the ears and these also assist us in the opening and closing of our mouth. Our jaw bone is actually considered to be the strongest bone in our face and it also holds lower teeth and gums. Any abnormalities in our jaw or injury to the joint of our jaw or many other factors can lead to jaw pain.

Is your Jaw Pain Causing Discomfort and Headaches


As discussed above, several factors can trigger pain in our jaw, namely

Along with the above causes, in a few rare cases, jaw pain may be also caused due to rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.

Can Your Jaw Pain cause Headache?

Expert says yes, the roots of your headache or migraine can start at bottom of your skull i.e. the jaw area. The TMJ muscles which are spread across your skull, starting from sides of your head to the jaw area can act as contributors of headaches and even migraine. When the jaw muscles tighten due to grinding your teeth or clenching, the pain radiates to other parts of the skull and leads to a headache or a migraine along with gum pain and ear pain. Due to this severe pain in the head, a lot of people think that they have a migraine, but in reality, it is a type of headache caused due to pressure or muscle tension.

People with TMJ disorders may experience neck and jaw pain with a headache or jaw pain and headache on one side.

One can get relief from jaw pain by following a few tips like
  • Applying heat or cold packs on the affected area
  • Massaging the painful jaw muscles
  • Stretching your jaw muscles
  • Avoid chewing gums and taking soft and liquid foods
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Avoid grinding your teeth

Always consult professional and seek TMJ headache treatment to avoid further complications like chronic pain, infections and so on. Follow the above safety and preventive tips to get relief from pain and discomfort.