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Health Tips to Overcome Trauma Disorder

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Exposure to unexpected stressful and scary event leads to trauma disorders. Experiencing these traumatic and life threatening events like accidents, physical violence, natural disasters, loss of loved one in accidents and so on leads to two types of trauma disorders like acute stress disorder (ASD) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In PTSD people keep on thinking about the stressful event continuously, which increase stress and also lead to depression. People develop nervousness, fear, guilt and keeps themselves isolated. Though these signs are common, but among people with PTSD these signs may increase and affect their daily activities and lifestyle. This disorder also affects their performance at work, school and relationships also. Few people recover within six months from the event and few may suffer longer. Few people also develop panic attacks due to continuous thoughts and images. People face symptoms like excess sweating, abnormal heart beat, stomach tightening and so on during the attack.

Health Tips to Overcome Trauma Disorder

The symptoms of trauma disorders usually start within three months of the traumatic event. The symptoms and severity of the condition vary from person to person. Common symptoms include

  • Repeatedly thinking about the event through thoughts, memories, nightmares and hallucinations. Face severe distress at reminders of the trauma like date of the event.
  • Isolate themselves or avoid themselves from going or meeting with persons, places of the event.
  • Lose interest in activities which they once enjoyed.
  • Showing high and severe emotions like irritating, anger, stress and so on. Also face few health problems like hypertension, breathlessness, nausea, heart attack and other problems.
  • Blaming themselves, feeling guilty and negativity.
  • Sadness and fear that the same event reoccurs again.
  • Face sleeplessness thinking about the traumatic conditions and events.

Tips to overcome trauma disorder

By following few tips, people with trauma disorders can control the condition and get through it. Tips to get relieved from trauma disorder include

  • Consult professionals, know about your condition and seek help Stay connected with family, friends and support groups to get encouragement to get through the trauma.
  • Focus on other interest of yours to avoid the thoughts, images of the traumatic event.
  • Eating healthy diet, meditation, having enough sleep also helps in quick recovery.
  • Do not isolate yourself, get along with friends and family and be engaged.

Homeopathy treatment for trauma disorder

Homeopathy treatment for trauma disorders works efficiently by relieving stress, soothing muscles and lifts the mood. Homeopathy for trauma disorder is safe, have no side effects and also non toxic. Homeopathy uses natural remedies extracted from natural substances like plants, vegetables and other natural minerals. Homeopathy also provides health tips for trauma disorders. These trauma disorder control tips help in quick recovery. Homeopathy not just focuses on treating trauma disorders but aims at overall wellbeing of the individuals. Homeopathy treatment is prescribed based on the symptoms and theory of individualization. Homeopathy treatment for trauma disorder is suitable for all age groups from children to elders.


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