Health Tips Tobacco Control

Health Tips for Tobacco Control

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How to Control Tobacco?

Using tobacco leads to several health problems, it affects almost every organ of our body. It causes deadly diseases and reduces the life span of individuals. According to world health organization (WHO) about 6 million people are dying every year due to tobacco usage. Though the usage of tobacco gives pleasure, boosts mind, provides relief from stress and anger, it also leads to deadly diseases like lung cancer. Tobacco contains an addictive substance called nicotine due to which people face difficulty to get rid of it. Tobacco not only affects the person who uses it, but also affects other family members as second hand smoke. The smoke enters lungs and effects most of the body tissues, approximately 600000 people are dying because of inhaling the mainstream and side stream smoke i.e. second hand smoke. Controlling tobacco usage lowers the risk of several smoking related health complications. Controlling the tobacco usage is not only beneficial to you but also to family members and people around you as they also get affected by breathing second hand smoke. One can control tobacco usage by different methods like chewing gum and other tobacco control tips.

Homeopathy Tips for Tobacco Control

What are Tobacco Related Diseases?

Usage of tobacco causes several long term and short term health complications. Excess usage of tobacco leads to deadly diseases. Few tobacco related diseases are

  • Short term health issues
  • Bad breath
  • Strains on teeth or yellow teeth
  • Ulcers
  • Low immunity
  • Wrinkles
  • Smoke smell
  • Infections
  • Long term health issues
  • Breathing or respiratory problems
  • Cancers (several cancers like lung, mouth, throat, liver, stomach, kidney and pancreas)
  • Cardiovascular diseases and heart stroke
  • Infertility
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Organ damage
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

Stay away from Tobacco Usage

People need strong will and determination to stay away from tobacco usage or smoking. Staying away from tobacco increase the life spans and prevents health diseases. People who want to stay away from smoking should take care of few factors like delaying the cravings, practising breathing exercises, drinking lots and lots of water, engaging themselves in new tasks and habits, talk to your family and be with them. Engaging in different tasks and habits also helps to control the urge of tobacco and smoking. Several techniques are available to stop and control smoking.

Homeopathy Tips for Tobacco Control

Homeopathy naturally treats tobacco addiction and its symptoms like anxiety, depression and several others. Homeopathy has several remedies to control tobacco usage. These homeopathic remedies for tobacco control are safe, non additive and have no side effects. These tobacco prevention tips are safe and can be used by people of all age groups. Along with treatment homeopathy also provides health tips for tobacco control. These homeopathy health tips for tobacco control are safe, non addictive and suitable for all age groups. Homeopathy not just focuses on particular problem but focuses on overall wellbeing of individuals. Homeopathy tobacco control treatment is provided based on the symptoms and severity of the condition. Homeopathy treatment is differed from each individual and works very efficiently.


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