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About Dandruff? Best Homeopathy Treatment for Dandruff

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The yellow or white flakes falling on your shoulder from your scalp or hanging in the hairs can be a bit embarrassing. This is mainly due to a scalp disorder called Dandruff. It is also called as Seborrheic dermatitis has become a common and well-known scalp condition and many people across the world are getting troubled by it. Along with dry flakes people with this condition also endure few other symptoms like itching, hair loss, dry scalp and so on. Even though it is not dangerous nor is the life-threatening condition, but can affect individuals physically and psychologically and also lead to stress and depression. For all those people out there suffering from it, here is the good news i.e. Homeopathy. Yes, you heard it correctly, homeopathy works wonderfully in controlling dandruff and also lowers the risk of its reoccurrence.

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What exactly is this Dandruff?

Dandruff, as discussed earlier is a scalp disorder which causes itchy and scaly scalp. As we all know, our skin shed old skin cells and replace them with new ones regularly and even our scalp also does this process. But if this shedding of old skin cells happens too fast, it leads to dandruff. The white flakes which we see on our scalp are the dead cells which come out from our scalp when we comb our hair. The exact cause of it is not clear, but several factors are said to trigger this condition. One such condition which triggers it is the dry scalp. A fungus named Malassezia which lives on the scalp on most of the adults can also cause to this scalp condition. Apart from the scalp, it is also seen in other areas of the body like ears, eyebrows and the area between chest.

This condition affects people of all age groups and gender and is also seen in children. In children, this condition is referred as cradle cap.

Dandruff Treatment in Homeopathy

what are the Causes of Dandruff

Pinpointing a particular factor for this scalp condition is difficult, as it can be triggered due to several factors like

What are the symptoms of Dandruff?

Common symptoms seen among people with this scalp disorder are

  • Presence of white flakes on shoulder and hair
  • Severe itching
  • Rash in the eyebrows, beard, and ears
  • Hair fall

These above symptoms usually worsen with the change in weather i.e. cold weather. Hence, extra care is required for your scalp and hair in winters.

How does Homeopathy control dandruff?

Homeopathy treatment for dandruff is greatly recommended, it works by controlling the roots of the problem and aims at providing long-term relief. It regulates oil secretion and also treats other scalp allergies, infections and others. It offers treatment after careful examination of individual health conditions and symptoms. Homeopathy treatment is safe and there is no issue of side effects with it.


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