Eating Disorders Treatments

Eating Disorders Causes

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Eating disorder is defined as abnormal eating habits, it include inadequate or excessive food intake which can damage individual’s health. Factors for eating disorders include age, family history and psychological factors. Eating disorders affect people of all ages and they are serious physical, mental and life threatening illness.


Types of Eating Disorder :

The most common eating disorders are

Anorexia nervosa- It is characterized by severe restriction of food and low body weight.
Bulimia-It is characterized by episodes of bingeing (eating a lot in a short amount of time).
Binge eating disorder (BED) – It is characterized as overweight or obese. These patients are at high risk of diabetes, high cholesterol and high BP.

What causes Eating Disorders :

The exact cause of eating disorder is not clear, but many believe that genetic, physical, social, and psychological factors play a very important role in development of eating disorder. A combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors causes eating disorders, they include
Genetics– People with parents or siblings with an eating disorder may be more likely to develop an eating disorder.
Family distress– Family’s unhealthy body image and obsession with calorie counting easily affects their son or daughter.
Sexual abuse– Sexual or physical abuse affects the psyche and self confidence of victims which leads to eating disorders.
Dieting– People who lose weight gets positive comments and appreciation from others, this may lead others to go for dieting too far which leads to eating disorders.
Mental health disorders– People with depression, anxiety and stress are more likely to have an eating disorder.
Photo shopped images– Teenagers are influenced by these photo shopped images and developing eating disorders.

Do we have any stages for this :

Before treating, there are several factors to be considered and one of those factors include the person’s stage of change. There are five different stages of change depending on the readiness, ways of thinking and acting of a patient.

  • Pre contemplation- It is a stage where patient do not realize that they have a problem, or they are not willing to admit it.
  • Contemplation- In this stage the patients are ready to realize something is wrong and are ready to admit it.
  • Preparation- In this stage individual is ready to take necessary steps to get better.
  • Action- In this stage they get treatment for eating disorders.
  • Maintenance- This is the important stage of treatment and individuals should stick to their treatment, continue the changes as part of day to day life.

Treatment for Eating Disorders :

Eating disorders are serious health condition. Through early diagnosis and proper treatment we can solve this illness. The most effective and long-lasting treatment for an eating disorder is a form of psychotherapy or psychological counselling, with careful attention to medical and nutritional needs.

Homeopathy Treatment for Eating Disorders :

Eating disorders cannot be truly treated from the outside or with special treatment. Homeopathy treatment are known to have deep affect on human economy and have been found effective in treating various disorders. Homeopathic treatment are non toxic and not addictive. Homeopathy treatment helps in breaking the binge and purge cycle.


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