Drinking Water Health Tips

Drinking Hot Water Health Benefits and its Side-Effects

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Benefits Drinking Hot water

Water is one of the important substances essential for our survival. Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water is very beneficial for health. Though water has its benefits, drinking hot or warm water gives some exclusive health benefits. Drinking warm water is very beneficial for skin, hair and overall health. It improves intestine health and helps in proper digestion. Hot water also helps in regulating bowel movements. Few important health benefits of drinking hot water include

Cleanse our body from toxins- hot water detoxifies our body and eliminates impurities from our body through sweat.
Helps in losing excess weight- drinking hot water helps to maintain healthy weight by improving metabolism. With increase in metabolic rate our body burns more calories. Intake of warm water with Lemon helps to break down fat and remove it.
Provides relief from menstrual and other pains- hot water relaxes stomach muscles and provides relief from abdominal cramps.
Beneficial for skin- hot water acts as a natural remedy for skin health. It improves skin health, stops premature aging, clears pimples, acne and gives glowing and flawless skin.
Beneficial for hair- as we all know our hair strands are made of 25% water, drinking hot water helps to get rid of dandruff, improves hair growth, makes our hair soft and shiny.
Improves digestion- drinking hot water improves our digestive health and eliminates unwanted substances from the body.
Treats constipation and regulates bowel movement- hot water dissolves the food and helps to move them through smoothly and relieves from pain.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Hot water also improves circulation and also provides relief from seasonal throat and nasal congestion problems. Hot water is beneficial for diabetes, arthritis, gastroenteritis and so on. Warm water also reduces stress, promotes and improves sleep.

Is there any side effects Drinking Hot water

Besides many health benefits drinking hot water also has certain limits and side effects. Drinking water high in temperature can damage the intestine and digestive tract. Too much intake of hot water can dilute the electrolytes which can lead to inflammation of brain cells and can cause headache. In long run high intake of hot water can damage kidneys. Intake of too much hot water can burn lips, tongue and can also damage the taste buds. Drinking too much of hot water can affect the level of concentration and also can disturb sleep.

Overcome Health problems with Hot Water

Professional homeopaths also suggest drinking hot water tips for better health. Drinking warm water early in the morning helps to overcome many health problems like digestion problems, constipation, cod and sore throat or congestion and so on. Homeopathy doctors along with treatment also provide homeopathy health tips of drinking hot water. Drinking hot water tips include drinking hot water early in the morning, avoiding too much hot water, mixing lemon juice with hot water and so on. These health tips of drinking hot water are very useful and are safe.


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