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Flu Fighting Tips in Rainy Season

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How Flu effect in Male and Female?

Flu is an infectious illness caused due to virus infection. It is generally known as influenza. It is an infectious disease which is easily transmitted from one person to another through cough, sneeze, touch and through kiss. Flu effects people of all age groups and genders, but is severe in children and elders. Person who got infected may have symptoms like high fever with shivering, headache, body ache, running nose, cough, blockage of nasal pathways, sneezing, vomiting, fatigue, sore throat and diarrhea. These symptoms can vary from mild to severe. Symptoms begin after two to three days of exposure to virus. Symptoms of flu and cold are very similar and many people get confused with both. Even though the symptoms are same, symptoms are severe in flu, whereas cold symptoms are mild when compared to that of flu or influenza. Though men and women get affected by flu but the symptoms are severe in men. This is because male and female immune cells act differently to virus infections. Estrogen hormone found in women has a greater resistance to infections and acts as an anti viral factor. Estrogen in females helps to lower the growth of virus in the body. Even though women got affected with infections and flu, they recover very fastly than men.

What are the Causes of Flu?

Flu or influenza is caused due to influenza virus. Flu is a contagious disease, it spread easily from one individual to another, as the virus can spread through cough, sneeze and touch. The influenza virus stick on doorknobs, surfaces, telephones and on other substances, when a non infected person touches them, the virus stick to their hands enters his body when he touches his eyes, nose or mouth and lead to infection or flu. Flu or influenza is very common in the monsoon and winter season. When the weather is cool the virus spread and develops easily and infect many people. There are three different types of viruses namely type-A, type- B and type-C. Type-A flu can infect both animals and humans and can cause serious health problems. Type-B flu infects individuals in winter and causes mild diseases. Type-C rarely infects humans and causes mild symptoms and complications. Age, weak immune system, living conditions, conceived women and chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity are the few risk factors which increase the risk of flu in individuals.

Overcome Flu fighting with Homeopathy :

Homeopathy treatment for flu fighting is a holistic approach that effectively treats flu or influenza in many people. Homeopathy remedies for flu fighting are made of natural substances extracted from plants, vegetables and minerals, they are safe, has no side effects and safe to use for all age groups. Flu fighting treatment in homeopathy mainly focuses on improving individual’s immunity and body’s self healing process in order to fight the diseases. Homeopathic treatment for flu fighting not just focus on treating flu, its symptoms but also targets at the underlying root cause of the problem and treats it. Homeopathy for flu fighting is the most effective way of treatment and helps to get relief from the causes of flu. Flu fighting treatment is offered by a professional homeopath depending on the symptoms of the disease to cure it completely.


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