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Know About the Tremendous Health Benefits of Guava and Guava Leaves

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Health benefits of Guava and its leaves

Guava is a round or oval-shaped amazing tropical fruit loaded with a variety of health benefits. Though this fruit is abundantly available in summer, most people do not relish it that much unlike other fruits such as apples, bananas, mangoes, etc. This may be due to its hard edible seeds or maybe due to a lack of knowledge about its health benefits. Not just the fruit but guava tree leaves are also proven to be beneficial for health. Including guava in the diet helps to treat constipation, regulates thyroid metabolism, prevents teeth and oral problems, control diabetes, prevent cancers, support digestion, regularize BP, boosts immunity, supports weight loss, improves heart health, improves hair growth, and controls stress.

Here, today let us discuss this tropical fruit, its nutritional values, and its health benefits. After reading this I’m sure you will not miss or neglect the fruit in this season.

Guava and Guava leaves

What is Guava?

Guava also called Amrood is a green or yellow-colored tropical fruit that originated in Central America. But now it is vastly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries due to its tremendous health benefits. Guavas are usually sweet or tangy in flavor with little edible seeds inside. Though they look green or yellow outside, the inside pulp may be pink or white in color. This whole fruit, along with skin can be taken as a snack or can also be added to smoothies and salads. This fruit is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, copper, fiber, potassium, flavonoids, manganese, folic acid, and phytochemicals. Guava is one of those healthy fruits that are filled with massive amounts of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Tremendous health benefits

Here are few health benefits of Guava leaves and fruit

  1. Controls Sugar levels- Huge amounts of dietary fiber present in guavas helps to regulate sugar levels in diabetic people. Guava leaf tea for diabetes is highly recommended. It is actually proven that guava leaf tea has the power to control lower sugar levels.
  2. Maintains thyroid health- Guavas contain copper which helps to control hormone production in the body and thus regulates thyroid metabolism.
  3. Benefits digestive system and treats constipation- Guavas are a rich source of dietary fiber which boosts digestion, enhances nutrients absorption from food, and also improves healthy bowel movements. The high amount of dietary fiber and roughage present in guavas helps to prevent constipation and piles.
  4. Prevents Cancer- Guavas are filled with rich amounts of cancer-fighting antioxidants which help in preventing free radicals from damaging the cells. The cancer prevention abilities present in Guavas helps to prevent different cancers like prostate cancer, oral cancer, and breast cancer.
  5. Aids in weight loss- Guavas are low in calories and high in fiber. This makes this fruit most suitable for people who wish to lose weight. Taking guavas keeps you full and lowers food cravings.
  6. Benefits of Guava leaves for Hair- Guava leaves for hair are extremely beneficial. Vitamin C and vitamin B present in Guavas help to improve hair growth and prevents hair fall by boosting collagen. Guava leaf extracts by strengthening hair follicles promote thicker, longer, and shinier hair growth. Guava leaves also improve circulation and treats dandruff problems.
  7. Guava leaves for teeth- Guava leaves contain antibacterial properties which play a crucial role in treating teeth and gum problems. Chewing guava leaves cures toothache, bad breath and also beneficial for bleeding gums.


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