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Health Tips to Improve Immunity System

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Role of Immunity System in our Daily Life

Immunity is the natural defense system of our body which protects our body from several illnesses by improving resistance. Immunity acts like a shield and protects our body from several illnesses starting from cold, flu to other allergies like skin rash, sinusitis and others. Our body is at risk of several infections due to bacteria, virus and other foreign substances. Several germs attack us from different ways like from the air we breathe, food we eat and so on. From all these risks our immune system protects our body by producing anti bodies. When our body come in contact with any foreign substances our body immediately produces antibodies to destroy them. Immune system is a whole body system and it is a network of cells, organs and tissues which together fight against several bacteria, virus and other infections. Our immunity helps us to stay fit and healthy by eliminating several illnesses.

Immune System

Our immune system is classified into three types, they are

  • Innate Immunity– It is the inborn ability of our body to fight against the diseases and it is hereditary.
  • Adaptive Immunity– It is a type where our body’s immune system creates antibodies to fight against foreign substances
  • Passive Immunity– It is a type where antibodies are injected into the body from another source when our immune system fails to produce antibodies.

What are the Immunity Systems Disorders?

When our immune system does not work properly then it is called as immunity system disorder. This immune system deficiency is also called as immunodeficiency. People with immune system disorders are more prone to develop several health illnesses and infections. Sometimes our immune system mistakenly affects our own body cells and this condition is called as auto immune disorders. Few auto immune disorders include psoriasis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and so on. These immune system disorders can be long lasting or they can be temporary.

Signs and Causes of Immunity System Disorders?

Symptoms of Immunity System Disorders

When our immune system does not work properly then it increases the risk of several health illnesses and also people with immune system disorders have few symptoms like

People with immunity system disorders face several infections and allergies frequently and it also affects growth and development of individuals.

Causes of Immune System Disorders

Immune system disorders can be due to several factors like

  • Primary immune deficiency i.e. people born with weak immunity
  • Acquired immune deficiency i.e. it is caused due to several diseases that
  • May lower your immunity like HIV, AIDs, cancer and others.
  • Allergic reaction i.e. it is caused due to several allergies, illnesses and so on.

Auto Immune Disorder– it is a condition where our body mistakenly attacks it its own cells and organs.

Several treatments like chemotherapy and prescriptions used to treat cancers also weaken immune system and leads to immune system disorders. Few unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, poor and unhealthy diet also leads to immune system disorders.

Health Tips to Improve Immunity System

Immunity system is very crucial for everyone to eliminate several health illnesses and others. One can improve immunity problem control tips like

  • Healthy diet– Eating healthy diet helps to improve immunity by providing all essential nutrients. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in diet along with nuts, seeds, pulses and others provides several proteins and minerals to our body which boosts immunity system.
  • Get adequate sleep and control stress– Adequate sleep is very important for all individuals as it improves production of protective cytokines. Sleep also controls stress and eliminates several problems.
  • Get some vitamin D– Vitamin D is very important to improve immunity. Exposure to sunlight is very important to everyone as it is a great source of natural vitamin D.
  • Quit smoking and also control alcohol consumption– Both smoking and excess alcohol consumption weakens our immune system. Smoking increases the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia which can harm our immunity. Alcohol consumption also harms our immunity system by causing lung infections.
  • Have probiotics– Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast which are very beneficial for us. These probiotics improves immunity and also very beneficial foe digestive tract.
  • Try some garlic– Garlic has anti septic and anti fungal properties which are very beneficial in eliminating several illnesses. Garlic also assists in improving immunity system by eliminating cold and flu viruses.
  • Consider medicinal mushrooms– Medicinal mushrooms are known for their healing anti viral, anti bacterial and also anti inflammatory properties. They help in boosting immunity system.
  • Eat immunity supportive herbs– Immune supportive herbs are very beneficial in eliminating recurrent infections and other illnesses. These herbs are very crucial in improving immunity.
  • Practice regular physical activitiesExercising regularly helps to boost immunity power by providing anti inflammatory affects.

What are the Possible effects of Immunity System

Our immune system is affected by several factors like age, gender, stress, few prescriptions and also treatments like radiation therapies and so on. Our immunity system helps to protect from several illnesses and also helps in our growth and development. People who frequently get affected with cold, flu and other infections are said to have low immunity. Immunity system helps to eliminate several seasonal infections, allergies and other illnesses by producing required antibodies.

Homeopathy Treatment for Immune System

Homeopathy treatment mainly focuses on boosting immunity system and self healing process of the body. Homeopathy enhances immunity using natural remedies and eliminates the occurrence of several diseases like infections and allergies. Homeopathy treats several diseases by improving immunity. Homeopathy along with treatment also provides health tips for immunity system. By following these improve immunity system tips one can improve their immunity and eliminate several health illnesses.


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