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Do Men have the Risk of Thyroid?

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Overview of Thyroid problem in Men

Is thyroid just a women’s issue?

Many people think thyroid as a women’s problem, but it is not true, the thyroid also affects men. Women are indeed eight times more likely to face thyroid problems than men. Thyroid hormones produced by the thyroid gland are very crucial for both men and women and any abnormalities or thyroid dysfunctions can lead to thyroid symptoms or hyperthyroidism and an underactive thyroid gland leads to hypothyroidism. Men commonly face different thyroid problems like hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves disease, and thyroid cancers. Men with thyroid problems face several symptoms based on the type of thyroid problem they have. They also with hypothyroidism face symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, low libido, infertility, depression, constipation, feeling cold, and so on. Sometimes it also leads to symptoms like weight loss, insomnia, skin problems, appetite problems, abnormal heartbeat, and so on. Thyroid symptoms in men and their severity differ based on their health condition and severity of their thyroid.

Thyroid Problems in Men

Causes of thyroid in men

Many factors can lead to thyroid problems in men. Factors like a heavyweight, obesity, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise or physical activities, and others can lead to thyroid problems. Genetics also plays a very important role in male thyroid problems. If a male person in the family has thyroid problems, then their kids are more likely to face thyroid problems. Thyroid gland removal is also one of the causes of thyroid in men, especially hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland is removed due to conditions like thyroid tumors or also due to a damaged thyroid gland. It is also believed that selenium deficiency also triggers the risk of thyroid problems in men, especially Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Abnormal testosterone levels in men are also said to cause thyroid problems. Low testosterone levels can also trigger the risk of the thyroid.

Does it lead to infertility in the future?

Thyroid problems affect men in several ways, it affects their metabolism, energy, and also their reproductive health. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can lead to fertility problems in men. Hypothyroidism affects fertility in men by affecting the production of quality sperm and also produces low motility sperm. Men with hypothyroidism also face problems like low libido and erectile dysfunction. These two can also trigger infertility in men.

Men with hyperthyroidism also face infertility problems. Hyperthyroidism affects the production of male fertility hormone named testosterone. Abnormal testosterone affects the production of quality sperm in men and increases the risk of infertility. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis also leads to infertility problems in men and this is due to abnormal testosterone.

Men who are facing infertility problems should get tested for thyroid problems as well along with other problems. To eliminate these fertility problems along with other health complications, early diagnosis and treatment of thyroid problems are very important. Along with infertility, thyroid problems in men also lead to several other problems like obesity, heart problems like stroke and attack, and so on.


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