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Tips to Control Teen Depression

Teen depression risks

Teen depression is the leading problem faced by many teenagers which seriously impacts their physical fitness and mental health. Depression in teenagers leads to anxiety, sadness, lack of interest, lack of concentration, low self esteem and withdraw from other activities. This greatly influences the way they think, behave, act and feel. Depression is a persistent issue which affects each and every aspect of teenagers. Depression makes them withdraw from several activities which they like and isolate themselves from their friends and family. Many factors can lead to depression in teens. Teenage is the transitional phase of development from child hood to adult hood. This adolescent age brings several changes in their body and mind, behaviour. Children of adolescent age need adult guidance to get along with the physical and emotional changes that takes place. There are different types of depression like major depression or clinical depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorder with depressed mood and bipolar disorder.

Common signs and symptoms of teen depression include

  • Sadness
  • Irritable and cranky
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Angry
  • Anxiety
  • Guilty
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Lack of concentration
  • Low performance
  • Lack of appetite
  • Sleeplessness or lack of enough sleep
  • Feeling weak
  • Headache and body ache
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Lack of energy and excitement

Homeopathy Tips for Teen Depression

Teen depression risk factors

Various factors can lead to depression in teenagers like

  • Stress
  • Changing hormones
  • Physical changes
  • Emotional trauma and abuse
  • Hereditary
  • School and study performance
  • High expectations
  • Social status
  • Body image and appearance
  • Death of loved people
  • Family conflicts
  • Physical disability
  • Health issues
  • Addiction to alcohol and smoking
  • Peer problems and competition

Changes in brain

Depressed teenagers may have conflicts with friends and family. Tips to overcome teen depression include will power, discussing the issues with parents and other elders, treatment and psychological counseling. Family support and being with friends helps to get away from depression and makes them feel comfortable. Teenagers can get through depression by making few life style changes along with treatment like making new friends, visiting new places, staying active and fit, meditation, by avoid blaming themselves, getting adequate sleep, learning new things and many others. By including sports, dance, music and other activities in daily routines and diverting their mind to other activities helps to handle depression.

Teen depression tips through homeopathy

Homeopathy for Teen depression is a holistic approach towards teenagers. Homeopathy heals your body physically, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathic Remedies for Teen Depression are safe, do not have any side effects and suitable for teenagers. Homeopathy treatment is prescribed based on the symptoms, severity, behaviour and theory of individualization. Homeopathy doctors along with treatment also provide tips to overcome depression. Homeopathy tips for depression in teenagers include Teen depression relief tips through running, walking, exercise, staying fit and healthy. Homeopathy improves immunity and focuses on overall wellbeing of individuals.

Teenagers Treatments

Homeopathy for Teenagers Health problems

Teenage is a crucial period where young people go through many changes like physical, emotional and social changes. In this age it is important to develop healthy habits, positive health and social behaviours. Some physical changes may include development and changes in body shape, height and hormonal changes. Emotional changes include mood swings and Social changes include hoe he interacts with family and friends, forming an independent identity and learning to be an adult. They also go through many problems in this age like menstrual problems, skin problems, eating disorders and emotional disturbance.

Menstrual problems :

Menstruation is a part of puberty in teenage girls. Missed periods, irregular periods and menstrual problems are common in a teenage girl. Some menstrual problems or menstrual disorders include absence or abnormally heavy discharge or periods, irregular periods or irregular cycles. These problems are particularly seen in first three years of menstruation. Irregular periods in teenagers are caused due to poor nutrition, increased stress, eating disorders, weight loss or gain, over exercise and also due to some medications. Some may face heavy periods or early periods, this may be due to fibroids or polyps in the uterus or may be due to stress.

Tinagers problems

Skin problems :

Teenagers are more vulnerable to skin problems like acne due to hormonal imbalance or levels of hormones called as androgens during puberty. Common skin problems teenagers face are whiteheads, blackheads, pus filled pimples, zits and blemishes. Skin problems in teenagers are mainly caused due to hormonal changes, unhealthy diet or eating habits, stress, cosmetics, beauty products, pollution, environment, heavy sweating and lifestyle. In some teenager’s acne or skin problems disappear after teenage years and in some people it may last into middle age. With proper care, diet and treatment teenagers can get through these skin problems.

Eating disorders :

Eating disorders especially effect teenagers and are important to get diagnosed.Eating disorders in teenagers are results of psychological, cultural, environmental, behavioural and genetical factors. Risk factors of developing eating disorders include fear of becoming fat, concern about body image, dieting, peer pressure and obsession with reducing weight. Some common types of eating disorders in teenagers are anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder. Eating disorders are common in both girls and boys. It is important to treat eating disorders, if untreated it may lead to several health problems and it will be difficult to achieve full recovery.

Emotional disturbance :

Teenagers develop emotional disturbances due to hormonal and physical changes that happen during puberty. Some common symptoms of emotional disturbance include aggression, anxiety, irritability, sadness, shyness, fearfulness and depression. Teenagers are usually short tempered and gets angry about their privacy and friends. Some teenagers develop emotional disturbances due to stress, diet and family functioning.

Homeopathy for Teenagers :

Homeopathy is very useful in treating teenage problems related to physical and emotional stress. Homeopathy is a natural treatment that aims to treat not only the disease but treats the individual as a whole. Homeopathy treatment effectively treats health problems in teenagers like menstrual problems, skin problems, eating disorders and emotional disturbances as homeopathy remedies act at the level of mind and body, it is safe, has no side effects and treatment is prescribed after individual examination. Homeopathy helps teenagers by treating stress, depression, hormonal problems, periodic problems in girls and other abnormalities and helps them to live normal, healthy and happy life.