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9 Common Diseases may Effect in Summer

Definition of Diseases :

Diseases normally refer to a condition that disturbs the normal functioning of the body. Disease is often defined as a condition with specific symptoms and signs. Diseases are classified into four types, they are- infectious diseases, deficiency diseases, genetic diseases and psychological diseases.
Infectious diseases– These diseases are caused due to viruses, bacteria, fungus and protozoa. Easy way to catch infectious disease is to coming in contact with the infected person.

Deficiency diseases– These are caused by dietary deficiency of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Malnutrition or deficiency of vital elements can lead to serious diseases and conditions.
Genetic diseases– Disease that is present at birth, these diseases are hereditary and run in family.
Psychological diseases– it is also called as mental disorder, it is a disease of mind involving thoughts, emotions and behaviour that causes self distress.

List of common diseases in Summer :

Here are some of the most common summer diseases
Sunburn– When people are exposed to sun for long period the skin turns red, itchy and very hot. In long run this causes melanoma, a serious skin cancer.
Sunstroke– This happens, when a person is exposed to sun for a very long period. This causes rise in the body temperature, vomiting, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Prickly heat– it is a red rash that occurs due to a high humidity and heat. It is caused due to blockage of the sweat glands.
Dehydration– it is a condition, where body loses its fluids. This is caused due to sweating, high temperature and exercise.
Diarrhoea– it is a condition of having at least four to five loose or liquid bowel movements each day, this leads to severe dehydration.
Jaundice– it is a water borne disease caused due to contaminated food or water. It is also called Hepatitis A.
Typhoid– it is water borne disease caused due to contaminated water.
Chicken pox

Causes of different diseases :

Diseases like sun stroke, sun burn, prickly heat and dehydration are common in summer and they are caused due to high temperatures and hot wind. If these are not treated properly, they may lead to some serious health issues.
Diseases like diarrhoea, jaundice and typhoid are food and water borne diseases. Contaminated water or food leads to these diseases.
Measles and chicken pox are the diseases caused by viruses. Chicken pox is caused by varcella virus and measles is caused by paramyxo virus.

Health Tips Summer tips

Effects of Summer on Human Body

Detailed explanation of Summer :

Arrival of summer also brings several health issues like dehydration, high fever, sweating, irritation, headache and so on. The hot weather in summer affects people of all age groups. Let us learn more about summer.

Summer is the hottest season of all seasons. In summer the days are long and nights are short. Summer season falls between months march and June. Temperatures in summer go above average and cause unbearable heat. Hot wind blows throughout the day and makes the environment dry. Children get to enjoy holidays due to the hot atmosphere in summer. Mostly people face problems like sun stroke, dehydration, skin problems due to hot weather. People wear cotton clothes to get relief from the heat and sweat. Apart from the hot sun we get to enjoy lot of varieties of fruits/ summer fruits like mangoes, watermelon, grapes, etc,

How it affects people :

Summer along with its hot weather also brings lot of health problems. People face lot of health issues in summer due to its hot weather and dry wind. Some common health issues people face in summer is sunstroke, dehydration, skin problems, diarrhoea, headache, mumps, chicken pox and measles.
Sunstroke– Sunstroke is rise of temperature in the body and unable to regulate heat. Sunstroke occurs due to overexposure to high temperature, warm conditions. Dizziness, high pulse rate, high fever, nausea are some of the symptoms of sunstroke. It should be treated as emergency.
Dehydration– Working in outdoors in hot sun leads to decrease of water/fluid levels in the body this leads to dehydration. It is the most common and severe problem faced in summer.
Skin problems– Intense ultraviolet rays in summer causes many skin problems like sun burn, tanning, prickly heat and body odor. UV rays from the sun damages the skin.
Chicken pox and measles

Tips to avoid those Effects :

By making some changes in the life style and diet one can avoid affects of summer to some extent. Avoiding going out during afternoons helps us to be hydrated and protects us from hot sun. Wearing caps, hats, scarf’s to cover ourselves from sun helps from sunstroke. Our body needs cooling foods to balance our diet and energy levels. Including fresh fruits in our diet keeps us hydrated and fresh.

Best cooling food in summer are
Yogurt (curd) – Curd is the important cooling agent. We should include curd in our regular diet to keep our body cool.
Coconut water– Coconut water is full of health benefits and has cooling properties. Coconut water contains electrolytes and minerals which keeps the body hydrated.
Mint– Mint is an herb which is easily available, mint mixed with water gives us fresh feeling and it can be mixed with other cooling ingredients to fight the heat.
Onion– Onions have amazing cooling properties, especially the red onions. Onions helps in protecting against sunstroke.
Buttermilk and Lime water– These help in maintaining the fluid levels in the body and have great cooling properties, they help us to keep the body hydrated.
Fruits play an important role in summer to keep our body cool and fresh. Fruits keep us hydrated and make us competent to the summer conditions and are easily available in summer. Here are the fruits that help us in summer

  • Watermelon
  • Oranges
  • Guava
  • Honey dew melon
  • Grapes
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Bananas
  • Apricots
  • Gooseberries
  • Papaya
  • Lychee
  • Plums and figs.

Fruits boost your immune system, strengthen our bones, and keep us slim.